Enable Network of Networks

Enabling optimum coverage for all users across multiple connectivity standards at once

Manage Multi Domain Orchestration

Orchestrate your network across multiple domains, applications and technologies

Adapt Intelligent Automation

Your network will automatically adapt to meet application demand





We are a software company that provides network automation to enable Enterprises and Service Providers to build and operate mobile private networks easily.

We minimise capital and operation expenditure (CAPEX and OPEX) using configuration, assurance and adaption to orchestrate the network services consuming the network.

Our cloud-native and on-premises software products use open standards coupled with patent-protected extensions for virtualisation, automation and network slicing.

Zeetta Networks was spun out of the world-renowned High-Performance Networks Group of University of Bristol to commercialise the group’s originally leading network virtualisation & network slicing technology.

We have an ambitious and exciting road map taking network slicing and automation to full levels of automation for users.

MPN Customers Demand High Standards

The use of cellular solutions in private networks is growing rapidly. Mobile Private Network (MPN) demands on service providers are changing with the need for delivery at the same high standards that businesses expect of cloud providers.

Our role in an operational network

Network Slice Management

Our product is used after the network infrastructure has been installed and the baseline network configurations applied. The product supports the simplified and cost-effective creation, observation and adaption of network slices for applications.
The network slices provide vendor-agnostic, end-to-end connectivity spanning multiple technologies and administrative domains for use by distributed applications.

Set up and network discovery

Deployment and On-boarding

Our product is comprised of two parts

  • A lightweight on-premise controller that integrates with LAN devices,>/li>
  • SaaS component that integrates with controllers and monitoring systems.
  • Only the lightweight controller needs to be deployed by customers.
    Network resources and topology are adopted through a mixture of configuration and auto-discovery.

Using Zeetta to assure network slices for applications

Slice Observation

Our product integrates with monitoring solutions to provide end-to-end visibility of the performance of the network slices and slice segments.
For example, our product can deploy containerised monitoring probes at points along the slice and use these probes to measure slice performance characteristics like latency and throughput.
The monitoring data is summarised by Zeetta to provide a score for the slice and slice segment indicating how well the slice is matching the QoS requirements given in the intent.

Application Performance Monitoring

Our product integrates with application monitoring solutions to provide a score for the application experience based on performance application monitoring data.
This visibility is very useful for tuning the application’s network slice to optimise network resource usage and for identifying whether a problem is with the application infrastructure or network.

Capability showcase

Recent Projects

We recently completed projects in manufacturing, media, stadia and smart city environments.

Remote Training over 5G MPN

Enabling top tier Enterprise to rapidly deliver remote training

Private LTE/5G Network for Industry 4.0

Zeetta's products used to support the deployment of an industrial private LTE/5G network at the National Composites Centre as part of the 5G-ENCODE project

Network Slicing for Events

Zeetta's network orchestration software delivered reliable and dynamically customised connectivity to thousands of visitors in the Bristol Harbour Festival using NetOS Rapide and network slicing and splicing.

Creating a Programmable Stadium

Zeetta delivered the first commercial deployment of NetOS to Ashton Gate Stadium, the largest stadium in South-West England with a 27,000 capacity, to improve network agility and efficiency.

IoT platform integration

As part of the European REPLICATE Project, Zeetta integrated the open source FIWARE IoT platform with NetOS® and demonstrated a flexible management of a smart city network/IoT infrastructure.

Managing Smart City Networks

'Bristol Is Open' is a award-winning Smart City with a complex ecosystem of networks, technologies and systems.  Zeetta deployed NetOS® to efficiently control and manage those networks and deliver tangible benefits.