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Zeetta Enterprise is a modular network monitoring, control and management platform that enables efficient and effective management of multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-site networks through intelligent automation.

Zeetta Enterprise makes the service drive the network, regardless of vendor or technology.  This unique service-centric approach to intent-based networking uses Service Orchestration, Analytics and Automation for network control and management.

Zeetta Enterprise is powered by NetOS®.


    ZEETTA ENTERPRISE comprises four products:

    VISUALISE provides standalone monitoring and control of multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-site networks in real-time.

    OPTIMISE provides multi-technology, multi-vendor and error-free network service creation reducing network issues by up to 70% and reducing service creation time by up to 90%.

    AUTOMATE allows organisations to schedule, store and replicate services for roll-out across multiple sites or businesses and revert at the touch of a button.

    RAPIDE provides organisations with a deployable full enterprise network with monitoring, control and management of complex services within minutes.

    See the Power of Your Network

    Sometimes it helps to see things from a different angle.

    Zeetta Enterprise provides five unique ways to see your network.


    Zeetta Enterprise provides multiple ways to view your network to manage and control it more efficiently:

    • Plan View.  A map-based view of the network and services.
    • Topology View. A network-centric view of devices connectivity and network components.
    • Deviation View. An abstracted view that only shows changes and anomalies.
    • Category View. A service-centric abstracted view that allows a specific snapshot of a service, technology or user.
    • Dashboard View.  A customisable view of network performance metrics.

     Many systems allow a detailed view of the network, but only Zeetta provides service-centric  and abstracted views.


    Topology View

    Plan View

    Deviation View

    Dashboard View

    Category View

    The Benefits of Zeetta Enterprise

    The Zeetta Enterprise software suite positively impacts your bottom-line. 

    Intelligent Network Automation removes the key bottle-necks in enterprise networks that prevent business agility.

    Reliable network connectivity is essential to 95% of businesses today. Network connectivity has evolved from “must-have” to business or mission-critical. However, for many businesses, network connectivity inhibits business agility.  In short, the network holds your business back.

    Zeetta Enterprise removes the bottleneck and enables business agility. This is what it does:

    Assured User Experience

    Provide a consistent and relevant user experience to all people and devices connected to the network, regardless of the access type.

    Empower non-operational  staff to carry out daily business operational tasks 100% error-free.


    Defer Network CAPEX

    Monitor, control and management of multi-vendor/multi-technology networks allows slow vendor or technology transitions.

    Enable network modernisation instead of expensive and disruptive network transformation (rip and replace).

    Legacy and new technology can co-exist.


    Improve Productivity

    Multi-vendor, multi-technology operations reduces siloes and allows smaller operations teams to do the same job.

    Automation of tasks drives efficiency allowing more to be done with a smaller team. Automation reduces errors and network faults through human error.

    Automation enables de-skilling using technical generalists instead of technology or vendor specialists.

    Improve Network Stability

    Removing legacy network services and configurations improves network stability and the need for exhaustive testing of new services or configurations. 

    Automated discovery provides an accurate view of the network topology to enable effective audit, change management and planning. 

    Automated path computation improves network utilisation.


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