Zeetta Networks was established following ground-breaking research and development by the team at Bristol University’s High Performance Labs, in the UK.

Our vision is to bring our academic and commercial sensibility together, along with world class technical expertise and creative solutions, to create software that helps networks scale fast, and businesses access future-proofed technology.

We have built our NetOS® platform to enable networks to benefit from significant cost and manpower savings whilst quickly and easily building highly flexible network infrastructures that can be monitored and managed centrally. The breadth of devices / infrastructure that can be managed by NetOS® is unrivalled, allowing the integration of equipment from multiple vendors, and enabling virtualised networks to offered – allowing massive reuse of infrastructure – and more efficient provision of infrastructure where, to date, it has proved uneconomic.

NetOS® is unique in offering an open API environment, allowing third parties to develop their own network service applications to work with it. Its generic support framework can also support multi-vendor, multi-technology devices, enabling users to pick and choose the devices and technologies they want to work with. No other platform gives its users the same degree of freedom in how they choose to build, extend, or manage their networks. NetOS® can support legacy infrastructure, refresh, or green field infrastructure investments.

This technology is creating new business models for infrastructure owners, allowing tenants to manage and control their own network slices. Zeetta Networks’ platform creates streams of data analytics concerning network traffic and end-user behaviour that will enable new creative applications that third parties are building on top of the NetOS® platform.