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Self management of on-cloud and on-demand services

Understanding the need for application-focused network operations

Without Zeetta Automate enterprise DevOps teams have limited visibility and control of the network required by applications. Network management is undertaken by specialist network administrators using multiple management systems provided by equipment vendors. This slows down the rollout of applications and application features that depend on underlying network capabilities. Lack of automation makes modifications of the network to support new requirements and new applications time-consuming and error-prone.

Using Zeetta Automate for application-focused operations

With Zeetta Automate the network is configured with enterprise network slices to provide connectivity for applications. DevOps engineers can modify the network using an “intent” to describe what is required of the network, in terms of connectivity and QoS, for a particular application.

Zeetta Automate manages the slices connecting each application to ensure the configuration matches the requirements of the application, and monitors and adapts the slices to ensure that the quality of service meets the needs of each specific application. This enables faster rollout of new applications and features without compromising user experience.