Network Slicing for Events

Fast, reliable and customised connectivity

Zeetta’s network orchestration software can help any industry with complex connectivity needs that require rapid and reliable deployment.  The Events and Emergency Services markets are of particular interest because they requires highly complex and resilient networks for short periods but in a highly customisable fashion.

For example, large events require efficient and effective connectivity to support various user groups e.g. guests, organisers, retailers and first responders, each with its own specific requirements.

Bristol Harbour Festival

Every summer,  over 250,000 visitors flooding into Bristol’s centre to take part in the annual Harbour Festival.

This large festival-style event creates a huge demand for network connectivity. The emergency services need reliable access to bandwidth for response communications, the city Operations Centre continuously monitors traffic CCTV footage, tourists draw on the mobile and public Wi-Fi networks, while businesses need connectivity for their electronic point of sale systems.

With that level of congestion, networks often start to fail.

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Harbour Festival 2019

In July 2019, Zeetta and partners of the 5G Smart Tourism Project, used the annual Bristol Harbour Festival to demonstrate how network slicing can offer a better experience for all stakeholders in a major tourist event.  Zeetta deployed three NetOS Rapides to support a unique AR/VR video streaming service provided by three 360-degree cameras positioned in key locations around the Harbour Festival.

Each camera was streaming over a dedicated and isolated virtual network (network slice) while a forth “public safety” slice was ‘on-standby’. In the event of an emergency,  the public safety slice was prioritised and protected from background traffic at the expense of the lower priority traffic from the video streaming services.

Watch a video of the end-user experience by following the link below.

NetOS Rapide solution

In the Bristol Harbour Festival deployment, Zeetta’s NetOS Rapide solution created the isolated network slices and delivered the video streaming services for an enhanced user experience. NetOS’ orchestration features dynamically prioritised the traffic of each slice depending on external conditions.

The demonstration confirmed that Zeetta’s slicing technology can be used to protect specific network services in a hyper-congested network by dynamically prioritising the traffic across the entire network.