Use Cases

Zeetta Automate in action

Use Case 1

Application unexpected failure

  • The Enterprise application has a fault that results in a poor user experience
  • The network stays stable and is not impacted
  • Network operators can see the network is performing as expected

Use case 2

Network unexpected failure

  • The network experiences a fault that results in a poor user experience and network quality of service
  • The network segment with fault is identified and an investigation performed
  • Application owners can see the network is not performing as expected

Use Case 3

Configuring a Slice

  • Connect a video camera source to a remote viewer through a real network
  • Create and design a slice
  • Blueprint and activate the design configuring the network devices
  • See the slice come online and video data start to transfer
  • Watch Zeetta Automate assurance come on-line and report all is well

See our completed projects

Remote Training over 5G MPN

Enabling top tier Enterprise to rapidly deliver remote training

Private LTE/5G Network for Industry 4.0

Zeetta's products used to support the deployment of an industrial private LTE/5G network at the National Composites Centre as part of the 5G-ENCODE project

Network Slicing for Events

Zeetta's network orchestration software delivered reliable and dynamically customised connectivity to thousands of visitors in the Bristol Harbour Festival using NetOS Rapide and network slicing and splicing.

Creating a Programmable Stadium

Zeetta delivered the first commercial deployment of NetOS to Ashton Gate Stadium, the largest stadium in South-West England with a 27,000 capacity, to improve network agility and efficiency.

IoT platform integration

As part of the European REPLICATE Project, Zeetta integrated the open source FIWARE IoT platform with NetOS® and demonstrated a flexible management of a smart city network/IoT infrastructure.

Managing Smart City Networks

'Bristol Is Open' is a award-winning Smart City with a complex ecosystem of networks, technologies and systems.  Zeetta deployed NetOS® to efficiently control and manage those networks and deliver tangible benefits.