Where we fit

Fitting network slicing into an enterprise network

Our role in an operational network

Network Slice Management

Our product is used after the network infrastructure has been installed and the baseline network configurations applied. The product supports the simplified and cost-effective creation, observation and adaption of network slices for applications.

The network slices provide vendor-agnostic, end-to-end connectivity spanning multiple technologies and administrative domains for use by distributed applications.

Set up and network discovery

Deployment and On-boarding

Our product is comprised of two parts

  1. A lightweight on-premise controller that integrates with LAN devices,
  2. SaaS component that integrates with controllers and monitoring systems.

Only the lightweight controller needs to be deployed by customers.

Network resources and topology are adopted through a mixture of configuration and auto-discovery.

Using Zeetta to assure network slices for applications

Slice Observation

Our product integrates with monitoring solutions to provide end-to-end visibility of the performance of the network slices and slice segments.

For example, our product can deploy containerised monitoring probes at points along the slice and use these probes to measure slice performance characteristics like latency and throughput.

The monitoring data is summarised by Zeetta to provide a score for the slice and slice segment indicating how well the slice is matching the QoS requirements given in the intent.

Using our solution to understand applications using connectivity

Application Performance Monitoring

Our product integrates with application monitoring solutions to provide a score for the application experience based on performance application monitoring data.

This visibility is very useful for tuning the application’s network slice to optimise network resource usage and for identifying whether a problem is with the application infrastructure or network.