Zeetta showcases NetOS® at MEF17 Hackathon

by Paul Cooper |




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  •  Zeetta Networks showcases its innovative NetOS® software at an MEF17 hackathon
  • NetOS®   will be demonstrated in relation to the smart city via the Bristol is Open project
  • MEF is the must-attend telecoms event from 13 to 16 November in Orlando, Florida

Zeetta Networks is excited to be demonstrating NetOS®, its innovative software-defined networking platform, at MEF17 this year in Orlando, Florida. The SDN solution will be applied in relation to the smart city using the Bristol is Open project at an exciting hackathon.

At MEF17, Zeetta Networks will implement the Presto NRP API with the NetOS® controller integrated with the NEC switches of the Bristol is Open network.  Zeetta will be using the NetOS® GUI to provide a visualisation of any provisioned services and their routes, so that attendees can use the API for their own clients, and see the results for themselves. For the hackathon, Zeetta Networks will make the NetOS® controller available for those who would like to run orchestration code and test offering services in the Bristol is Open network.

Together Zeetta Networks and Bristol is Open are leading the way in developing new solutions for smart cities, harnessing the opportunities for both public and private spheres to offer their services whilst also reducing operating costs and capital investment. As demonstrated through the Bristol is Open project, NetOS®  can manage a network of diverse networks and enable virtual infrastructure control.

Zeetta Networks’ Reza Nejabati said:

“This game-changing technology fits perfectly into the event’s theme of Third Network connectivity and cloud services for the digital economy and hyper-connected environment. We are excited to showcase NetOS® at this hackathon in relation to our partners, the Bristol is Open project, demonstrating the future of the smart city. We look forward to reporting the results of the hackathon, and the new development opportunities which arise from it.”

MEF17 is the leading event for service and technology professionals who want to shape the future of telecommunications. The conference attracts over 1,000 attendees from more than 275 companies around the world.

Zeetta Networks is driving MEF’s objectives forward with Director Dr Reza Nejabati contributing as a member of the MEF Research Council which comprises leading academics and researchers.

To find out more about how NetOS® could help your business, do get in touch.