How Zeetta’s telecoms talent is shaking up the industry

by Paul Cooper |



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There is no shortage of telecoms talent in the Zeetta Networks team, and it’s exciting to have the opportunity to catch-up with one of our leading experts, Director of Product Management, Joan A. Garcia Espin. Read on to discover his important role in the development of our products and services that will shake up network services for the better.


With a strong focus on the delivery of novel networking technologies, and as an experienced telecommunications engineer, Joan has been involved in complex international collaboration projects, including Bristol Is Open, and Scytl and i2CAT Foundation in Spain. His enterprise R&D and commercial experience is backed by his academic qualifications from the Technical University of Catalonia in Barcelona, with an MSc in Telematics Engineering and a Masters in Business Innovation.

Joan’s role at Zeetta Networks is to help us on our journey towards becoming a truly product-oriented enterprise so we can be even more effective in meeting the needs of the market with a flexible NetOS® platform that can be deployed across the broadest range of network types from Fibre through packet and WiFi to low power IoT networks. In practical terms the product management team, which Joan is developing, will help manage the relationship between sales and core technology development, create an account management function, and close the loop from inception to delivery of our products and services. Allowing us to rapidly deliver our roadmap in a carefully choreographed set of product releases.


As Joan said:

“This is crucial for Zeetta Networks’ engineers to keep pushing the limits of the technology, whilst at the same time helping us to concentrate on our business roadmap and understand the needs of our target markets.”

The focus on product management is crucial to help commercialise our technology which will ultimately transform the telecoms environment. This will pave the way for Zeetta Networks to be delivering key pieces of 5G technology through a varied product portfolio along with the rich services (network/software development) associated with them.


For Joan it is time for the telecoms sector to open up:

“Zeetta Networks’ founders are world leaders with their vision for the telecoms sector. As a network engineer, I concur 100% with the mission to change how networks are designed, built, and managed. It is about time to make networks (and hence, the Internet) more accessible and open. The telecommunications sector needs a major ‘refresh’ in this area. The incumbent operators and vendors have been resistant to take this big leap, although some small steps have already been made.

“I want to make network virtualization and slicing a reality in commercial environments. People will be able to take control of networks and create value out of them, not just ‘suffer them’, and utilise a more varied offering for network connectivity and Internet access, as well as a leaner approach to offering network services. Finally, it signals a democratisation of network access.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about our innovative product development, you can connect with Joan on LinkedIn here, and feel free to drop us a line.