When network slicing adds value to Enterprise private networks

by Paul Cooper |




Recently we published an article on Enterprise Viewpoint addressing the following topics:

  • Why do Enterprises need network slicing?
  • What is the fit to Industry 4.0?
  • Why 5G is an enabler?

Network slicing is the ability to logically partition a network, in that a piece of the network is separated and dedicated to a specific purpose.

A network slice, once configured, is only available to the consuming user or application, however, a slice is not a point-to-point pipe but is a virtual network layer that might include multiple endpoints using multiple technologies and domains spanning geographically separated sites.

Being able to logically slice the end-to-end network creates new opportunities to manage industrial processes as the data transport service, quality and availability can be controlled.

The move to Industry 4.0 is driving the digitalization of enterprise processes and creating a need for new services to effectively manage applications within their supporting IT networks.

5G is an enabler to Industry 4.0 It extends the capability for data transport from legacy wired and wireless solutions into a fully cellular system. There are benefits to using 5G when compared to 4G, of increased capacity and reduced latency as well as new functionality to slice the data transport layer.

Whilst the consumer benefits from greater network capacity and faster transport speeds, enterprises benefit from being able to separate their applications and data connections increasing security within their IT networks and reducing application data resource contention.

In conclusion, new opportunities to create efficiency and effective control within enterprise private networks are emerging. The introduction of 5G cellular enables a new level of connectivity to enterprises. Enterprises need greater autonomy to manage their IT networks and public network connections to introduce new applications that enable the digitalisation of their operations.

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