Zeetta Enterprise

A modular network monitoring, control and management platform for enterprises and managed service providers using intelligent network automation.

ZEETTA ENTERPRISE comprises four products:

VISUALISE provides standalone monitoring and control of multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-site networks in real-time.

OPTIMISE provides multi-technology, multi-vendor and error-free network service creation reducing network issues by up to 70% and reducing service creation time by up to 90%.

AUTOMATE allows organisations to schedule, store and replicate services for roll-out across multiple sites or businesses and revert at the touch of a button.

RAPIDE provides organisations with a deployable full enterprise network with monitoring, control and management of complex services within minutes.

Zeetta Enterprise  

Zeetta Visualise


Zeetta Optimise

Zeetta Automate

Zeetta Rapide

Accurate Network Audit  

Empowering Non-Operational Staff 

Removing Expired Configurations

Deploying Private Cellular Networks

Mode Management

Why Zeetta Enterprise?

Zeetta Enterprise provides six capabilities which uniquely allow Zeetta to use intelligent network automation to monitor, control and manage networks to drive huge OPEX and CAPEX savings.  


Multi-Vendor and Multi-Technology

Monitor and control end-to-end services in real-time across vendors and technologies.

Network and Service Correlation

Visualise the network from a service-centric view, because the service is the priority.

Dynamic Service Composition

Simple, error-free creation of new complex services, by generalists, for use now or later.

Legacy Configuration Management

Optimise the network for performance and stability and improve security.

Dynamic Service Delivery

Automated discovery, configuration, control and activation of services, network and devices.

Mode Management

Insert, modify and import new services to switch and revert operational modes instantly.

Multi-Technology, Multi-Vendor Capability

Zeetta Enterprise supports multiple technologies, multiple vendors, multiple sites and multiple operational modes. 


Zeetta Enterprise’s multi-technology functionality uniquely enables ubiquitous access.   End-to-end services can be delivered over multiple technologies dependent on coverage, capacity, availability and service type. 

If an access technology fails the service can be automatically reconfigured to run over different network elements and technologies. 

This isn’t a self-healing network, this is a self-healing service.

Fixed (LAN)

Zeetta Enterprise provides monitoring, control and management of Fixed or Local Area Networks (LAN) infrastructure.



Zeetta Enterprise provides monitoring, control and management of Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 standards) infrastructure.


Zeetta Enterprise provides monitoring, control and management of cellular or mobile (3GPP) networks.  Support for both 4G/LTE and 5G (3GPP Release 16) Non-Stand Alone) is available now.

Powered by NetOS®

NetOS® our patent-protected software is the technology enabling platform that drives the Zeetta Enterprise portfolio.


NetOS® is a network monitoring, control and management platform which contains a number service functions:

Asset Management. NetOS® uses device drivers to communicate with devices in the network.

Network Discovery. NetOS® supports heterogeneous asset integration into a common topology abstraction.

Network Monitoring. NetOS® provides performance, monitoring and diagnostic features including topology monitoring, host tracking and statistics collection.

Network Automation. NetOS provides intent-based network capabilities through service orchestration.

Network Applications. NetOS® provides applications which facilitate the administration of the network and delivery of network service.

NetOS® High Level Architecture