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Maximise the efficiency of your network

Automate daily network operations with a service-driven orchestration

Our software products simplify and automate network operations for a better monitoring, control and management of enterprise networks.  They are built around a state-of-the-art, network virtualisation software controller called NetOS®, an open networking technology that supports disaggregated open platforms and hardware that reduce substantially the cost of building and operating a network by breaking vendor lock-in. With integrated network slicing and splicing™ capabilities, NetOS® is able to create the aggregate topology of all sub-networks (including mixed LAN, WLAN and private LTE/5G networks) and provision end-to-end services across different interconnected domains in a simple and efficient way.

Zeetta supports your network modernisation journey with a suite of three products:

Benefits to Your Business

Zeetta’s network automation products maximise the operational and cost efficiency of your network infrastructure and enables it to change to meet the dynamic needs of your organisation. They allow you, for example, to easily reconfigure your existing network to support a new manufacturing process in order to beat the competition, or to limit connectivity access to security teams only in an emergency.

They bring direct, positive impact to your business by:

Assuring User Experience

Provide a consistent and relevant user experience to all people and devices connected to your network, regardless of the type of access network they use. Empower non-operational staff to carry out daily business operational tasks 100% error-free.

Deferring Network CAPEX

Delay network refreshes and vendor or technology transitions thanks to multi-vendor and multi-technology support. Enable network modernisation instead of expensive and disruptive network transformation (i.e. ‘rip and replace’). Allow both legacy and new technologies and devices to co-exist on the same network.

Improving Productivity & Network Stability

Improve efficiency by enabling more to be done with a smaller team of IT managers instead of network or vendor specialists. Reduce errors and network faults through human error. Avoid exhaustive testing of new services or configurations through automated discovery and enable effective audit, change management and planning.

Why Zeetta’s network automation?

Zeetta’s network automation products provide key capabilities that allow you to use intelligent, state-of-the-art network tools to monitor, control and manage networks to drive up to 90% OPEX and CAPEX savings.

Multi-Vendor and Multi-Technology

Monitor and control end-to-end services in real-time across vendors and technologies.

Network and Service Correlation

Visualise the network from a service-centric view, because service is the business priority.

Dynamic Service Composition

Easily create error-free, new and complex services, by generalists, for use now or later.

Legacy Configuration Management

Optimise the network for performance and stability and improve security.

Dynamic Service Delivery

Automate the discovery, configuration, control and activation of services, network and devices.

Mode Management

Insert, modify and import new services to switch and revert operational modes instantly.