Zeetta shortlisted in the Tussell Tech200

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Zeetta Networks has been shortlisted in the Tussell Tech200 as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the UK public sector.

includes the public sector’s tech high-risers A great achievement thanks to the brilliant efforts of our team and our business partners.


The Tech200 list has been developed by Tussell in partnership with techUK and lists the fastest growing technology companies in the UK’s public sector, from FY 2019/20 to FY 2020/21.


What is the Tussell Tech200?

The Tech200 ranks the 200 fastest growing technology companies to supply the public sector, based on Tussell’s data on UK government spending.

The list is intended to be a purely fact-based, unbiased analysis of the fastest-growing tech firms – completely uninfluenced by any sponsors or the interests of individual companies or organisations.

We want to use the data to tell the stories of what’s happening in public sector tech and run the list annually to highlight the most interesting up-and-coming firms.


How the Tech200 works

Tussell identifies the fastest growing technology firms in the public sector using their own market intelligence platform.

They then calculate the percentage growth in public spending with these firms between FY 2019/20 and FY 2020/21.

Several criteria are used to identify as many technology firms as possible, and all entrants are manually checked to validate their relevance.


How is the ranking calculated?

The list is calculated by comparing the value of transactions between the public sector and suppliers across two government financial years, using published data from more than 850 public sector bodies.

This comparison is then used to create a percentage growth figure.

In this first version of the list, Tussell compares technology supplier earnings between FY 19/20 (which runs from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020) and FY 20/21.


Zeetta’s entry

Zeetta has been listed in position 33 with a 464% growth in FY 2020/21 compared to FY 2019/20


Find out more

You can access the Tussell Tech200 list here