NetOS® is platform for £5m Smart Tourism Project

by Paul Cooper |



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Zeetta’s NetOS® provides platform for new £5m 5G-enabled Smart Tourism Project

  • Zeetta Networks’ NetOS® platform will host multiple networks deploying 5G connectivity to deliver the 5G Smart Tourism project
  • The 5G Smart Tourism Project has gained £5m in funding from the UK government to make AR and VR tourism attractions a reality
  • Bristol and the surrounding area is further established as the world leader in 5G smart city innovation through Zeetta Networks’ NetOS® platform in the 5G Testbed

Zeetta Networks will be delivering the enabling technology that provides networks that can be controlled and managed by the different providers of tourism services in the 5G-Smart Tourism project, awarded £5m in the latest government budget that will create enhanced visual experiences for tourists using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in Bath and Bristol.

With content created by the BBC and Aardman, Zeetta Networks’ continued collaboration with the University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab has been chosen for this partnership, led by the West of England Combined Authority, thanks to their ability to create individual networks utilising their platform, NetOS®.to create individual network slices, thereby allowing multiple tenants, each able to control and manage their own slice – as if they had their own dedicated network.


Vassilis Seferidis, CEO of Zeetta Networks, said:

“After the success of the Layered Realities Weekend, Bristol and nearby Bath are taking another step towards becoming a true smart city, and our involvement in the 5G-Smart Tourism project enables advancements in 5G to be accessed by multiple tenants. By providing secure and private network slices across Bath and Bristol, a variety of tourist attractions can give their visitors a unique experience.”

Tourist attractions that will benefit from this innovation in technology include the Roman Baths, M Shed, and Millennium Square. Opportunities to experience these attractions will be innovative and engaging, with proposed virtual reality Roman soldiers giving tours around the Baths, and interactive BBC content providing visitors with an engaging and memorable encounter with some of our country’s heritage.

Zeetta Networks’ NetOS® platform plays a vital role in enabling 5G connectivity across the cities. This technology provides a platform for multiple tenants to have full visibility and control whilst being decoupled from the network owner’s physical network. This automated and flexible service not only delivers greater efficiency and resilience to both operator and tenant, but also offers programmable network infrastructure APIs, and is purposefully designed for 5G high capacity low latency connectivity everywhere.


Tim Bowles, West of England Mayor, said:

“We’re delighted that the West of England Combined Authority has secured £5m from government for this 5G Smart Tourism project. It will allow us to trial some exciting technology at our top tourist attractions, whilst looking at the wider benefits 5G can bring and how the West of England can become a smart region.”

The partnership is funded by the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport, and is led by the West of England Combined Authority with a variety of collaborators including BT, Bristol is Open, Digital Catapult, Bristol VR Lab, and Kings College London alongside Zeetta Networks.

Zeetta Networks’ technology has already been a core part of the 5G Testbed project led by the University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab, creating the world’s first comprehensive 5G-enabled smart city. This 5G Smart Tourism project will increase the momentum towards a 5G future and further establish Bristol and the surrounding area as the 5G world leader.


You can find out more about the 5G Smart Tourism project by clicking here, and follow us on Twitter via @ZeettaNetworks.