Zeetta Networks Joins 5G-VICTORI Project

by Paul Cooper |



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Zeetta Networks Joins 5G-VICTORI Project

Zeetta Networks has joined 5G-VICTORI, a European Commission based collaborative project utilising our newly launched NetOS Rapide.

5G-VICTORI – or VertIcal demos over Common large scale field Trials fOr Rail, energy, and media Industries – will provide enhancements of existing 5G infrastructures to support a large variety of vertical use cases. The aim of 5G-VICTORI is to trial key uses cases for the Rail, Energy and Media industries.

Vassilis Seferidis, CEO of Zeetta Networks, shared: “Zeetta Networks as a company values technical excellence and collaboration for innovation, and 5G-VICTORI is a great showcase of that. NetOS Rapide was identified as a crucial part of the project and we look forward to working closely with all members of the consortium, particularly Orange whose Fab Accelerator we have just joined.”

Zeetta Networks’ NetOS Rapide will enable the 5G-VICTORI vertical applications. NetOS Rapide simplifies the 5G network topology, automates configuration and control of the network components, and provides customized sub-networks optimised for each use case. Zeetta Networks will enhance the solution throughout the project providing increased flexibility and choice for all collaborators.

Ian Teasdale, VP of Sales & Marketing at Zeetta Networks, commented: “With every client and project that we have worked with and continue to work with, our central aim has been to deliver excellence in the networks of the future. 5G-VICTORI recognises the important infrastructural advancements needed to support real use-cases , and I’m delighted to be contributing to this important EU-funded project.”

5G-VICTORI’s consortium brings together leading technology companies including operators, equipment vendors, academic and research organisations and SMEs. The use cases are driven by the Rail, Energy and Media industries including nationwide rail and electricity operators, rail technology vendors, media content delivery players and a number of SMEs focusing on advanced services.

Zeetta Networks has been invited to contribute its knowledge and expertise to a number of similar 5G technology projects. The 5G Smart Tourism project funded by the UK’s Department of Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) has hit headlines around the world for its impact on water and civilian safety. The 5G Rural First project has made advancements in delivering broadband to some of the most remote areas of the UK. Zeetta Networks is also a key part of the REPLICATE project, 5G-PICTURE, and METRO-HAUL, all focused on improving knowledge and business cases for 5G and smart cities.

To read more about 5G-VICTORI and Zeetta Networks’ role in the project, click here.


About Zeetta Networks

Zeetta Networks enables smarter networks. The company leads the development of open, programmable networks based on an advanced, patent-protected software controller called NetOS® that provides full network visibility, control and management through a single-pane-of-glass.
NetOS® enables network splicing® of any combination of network technologies (Fixed, Wireless and low-power IoT) to create a single virtualised network topology that can be then sliced into network slices (sub-networks) on-demand to meet specific user or application requirements. The ability to dynamically slice and splice the network resources across wireless and fixed technologies is protected by the company’s patents.
Zeetta Networks commercially deployed NetOS® in several enterprise projects across Europe and successfully demonstrated 5G Network Slicing in early 5G testbeds like the 5G Smart Tourism and 5G Rural First projects. NetOS® allows enterprises and service providers to control their fixed and wireless networks seamlessly, driving operational efficiencies and creating new monetisation opportunities. With the additional of NetOS Rapide, Zeetta Networks has extended its NetOS® product portfolio to support the creation and control of ad-hoc or “pop-up” networks.

Further Information about Zeetta Networks can be found at https://zeettaprd.wpenginepowered.com/. Follow us on Twitter at @ZeettaNetworks or our company LinkedIn profile.