Zeetta in J.P. Morgan's Top 200 Female Powered list

by Paul Cooper |




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We are delighted to announce that Zeetta has been featured in J.P. Morgan’s Top 200 Female Powered Businesses thanks to our co-founders Dimitra Simeonidou and Shuping Peng.


J.P. Morgan Bank published the report analysing opportunities and challenges for UK women in businesses today.

The report considers the wider role of women in business and captures a diverse group of companies with more than 6,000 companies included in the report and 75% of which have not featured in any other major growth lists until now.

These businesses are playing an important role in emerging industries, with female-powered businesses driving innovation in preventative care, the sharing economy, pop-up shops and health and fitness insight devices.


Some interesting findings included in the report:

  • In 2020, female-powered businesses employed more than 301,000 people and had sales of £34 billion
  • Raised a record £2.3 billion in equity investment in 2020 via 939 deals, up 41% from 2019.
  • Top sectors include the business and professional services sector (2,245 companies) followed by technology/IP-based businesses (1,815 companies) and industrials (1,771 companies)
  • London accounted for the most businesses with 2,189 followed by the South East (751) and Scotland (520).
  • Academic spinouts accounted for 3% of female-powered businesses


You can read the report here.