What does Zeetta do and what do you think are the greatest opportunities to come from 5G?

by Paul Cooper |




From our series of 60-second interviews

The emerging need for industrial  application need for network control

Network slicing unlocks a new era of application-led network control needs. Zeetta is responding to this need with its cutting-edge application, and end-to-end enterprise network slicing solution.

Zeetta provides a dashboard where the network service providers and enterprise customers alike can see their network slices and, most importantly, confirm how those slices are performing. Zeetta’s vendor-neutral, multi-technology solution creates an easy-to-use environment for multi-domain network slice management.

Zeetta’s automation and adaption approach is used to connect the network elements to be used when slicing and provides the user with a slice planning and activation interface

Automation enables the user to configure 5G, Wi-Fi and IP network elements into a slice in one operation.

Adaption is the active management of network slices where Zeetta can integrate with active and passive monitoring systems and configure probes to assess the health of each slice. As network conditions change with the traffic in the network Zeetta monitors network slice performance providing user updates via a dashboard, and adapts the network where possible to remove traffic impact.

Zeetta has created a cloud-native, software as a service solution.

This is built using a modern microservices architecture, removing the need for complicated deployment processes whilst simplifying customer use case integration.

5G unlocks new use cases that depend on industrial wireless connectivity.

Zeetta will help enterprises realise the value of their investment in 5G by making it easy to configure and use.