UK5G Innovation Briefing

by Paul Cooper |



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UK5G has delivered a new 60-page special on the state of the UK’s 5G rollout with a particular emphasis on the accomplishments and lessons learned from the Rural Connected Communities 5G Testbeds & Trials. 

The UK is a World Leader in 5G, as use cases informed by a series of projects have given the UK a unique level of understanding. However 4G coverage across the UK is patchy and he true value of 5G will only be realised once the lessons learned can be rolled out to everybody.

DCMS has therefore selected seven trials as winners of the Rural Connected Communities competition, which (once funding agreements are signed) will be awarded funding from the 5G Testbests and Trials Programme. These areas are Nottinghamshire, West Mercia, Orkney, Dorset, Monmouthshire, Wiltshire and Yorkshire.

Zeetta is a major contributor to all of these projects, to find out more, subscribe to the magazine and to download a copy of the report (site not longer available)