NetOS Network Slice Assurance with Hawkeye

by Paul Cooper |




NetOS® Network Slice Assurance with Ixia Hawkeye


Zeetta’s NetOS® advanced multi-tenant dynamic network slicing and monitoring platform enables new capabilities to configure, provision, manage and optimize end-to-end virtual network slices.

By deploying Ixia Hawkeye™ proactive monitoring with the NetOS platform, network operators gain valuable capabilities for real-time, on-demand visibility to network and application performance in network slices, and across physical network infrastructure.

With NetOS and Hawkeye™, managed service providers are able to offer innovative and differentiating network services and applications. The result is more available, reliable and valuable services for customers, while providers gain business agility, maximize their investment in IT infrastructure, and reduce network operating expenditures.

This Solution Brief describes a Case Study at Ashton Gate Stadium where Zeetta created the Event Application – a web-based application built on top of NetOS that enables staff to schedule customer events, and automatically schedule the network slicing that enabled dedicated IT resources for those events.

The Event Application uses Ixia’s Hawkeye™ to verify the network configuration and validate that the network slice meets event requirements.

Tests executed include verifying Wi-Fi connectivity, verifying VLAN’s, measuring throughput from an end user perspective – within the network slice and to the Internet – and testing to ensure services such as VoIP (e.g. for Skype) will work properly for customers.

Hawkeye™ tests will also be run at periodically during the event to continually assess network performance. Test results outside of approved thresholds trigger notifications to the IT team for immediate troubleshooting, fault isolation and correction.

The Event Application has successfully enabled Ashton Gate to better align their IT investments and operations with business objectives. Customers get a dedicated slice of the network that meets their expectations, while event participants enjoy a reliable end user experience.

You can download the Solution Brief hereNetwork-Slice-Assurance-Hawkeye-Zeetta


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