CTS Conference on 5G for smart manufacturing

by Paul Cooper |




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13th December 2020 – Creating a connected enterprise with 5G for smart manufacturing

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5G IOT can extend Industry 4.0 across the supply chain. Manufacturers recognise the benefits that can be realised by extending the reach of the network beyond the factory floor. Indeed, supply chain management is a key area where significant improvements in operational efficiency can be made. This is particularly the case for verticals that command high-margin products, for which greater monitoring and visibility of assets in-transit is of paramount importance. Here, there is an opportunity for a single unified 5G solution which provides end-to end connectivity for mobile assets. Utilising elements of both private and public 5G networks would allow manufacturers to link together segregated systems both inside the factory and across the wider value chain, including supply chain, distribution, warehousing, and customer service.



A service-centric network

Presenter: Vassilis Seferidis, CEO, Zeetta Networks

Zeetta’s software products offer a ‘service-centric’ network orchestration that simplify and automate network operations and ensure that the network delivers the performance and efficiency required for any successful digital transformation project. In this presentation, Zeetta’s CEO, Vassilis Seferidis, explains how the company’s network slicing and splicing technology can be applied in an industrial private 5G network (such as that deployed by the 5G-ENCODE project at the National Composites Centre) to provide service continuity across private and public 5G networks.