Zeetta joins 5G-ACIA session at Hannover Messe

by Paul Cooper |





5G-ACIA Demo Session: Massive sensor networks, eSIMs, edge computing and more about Industrial 5G


In this session various 5G-ACIA members showcase exciting demos on how Industrial 5G may support massive wireless sensor networks, what role eSIMs will play for providing the highest levels of security, why edge computing matters, and more.

With contributions of – NXP Semiconductors, HMS Industrial Networks – Live-Demo and Interview with Jörgen Palmhager (HMS) and Lars Reger (NXP) – Infineon – Video demonstration and Interview with Lars Wemme (Infineon) – AI-LINK – Video demonstration and Interview with Dr. Lee Rong, CMO of AI-LINK – Druid Software – Video demonstration and Video demonstration and Interview with Vassilis Seferidis (CEO and co founder of Zeetta Networks lead partner on the 5G Encode Project)


When: 13.04.2021 | 13:30 – 13:55 (MESZ)

What: Live-Demonstration

Theme: Industrial 5G + further

Language: English


  • Dr.  Andreas Müller,  General Chair 5G-ACIA | Bosch
  • Jörgen Palmhager, HMS Industrial Networks
  • Lars Reger, NXP Semiconductors
  • Dr. Lee Rong, CMO, AI-LINK
  • Lars Wemme, Vice President IoT Security, Infineon Technologies
  • Dr. Vassilis Seferidis, CEO, Zeetta Networks

Find more details about the event here.