Zeetta Visualise

Visualise provides stand-alone monitoring and control of multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-site site networks in real-time. Visualise can automatically detect network assets and devices to give a true picture of the network.

Visualise provides standalone monitoring and control of multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-site networks in real-time.

Visualise has the unique capability to automatically discover network assets – devices, network components and connections to give an accurate view of the network.

Visualise correlates the links between a service and the underlying network that it runs on. Network and service correlation allows users to see, and plan, the impact of faulty equipment and configurations on service and service performance.

  • Only Visualise can provide real-time monitoring and control across multi-technology and multi-vendor networks.
  • Visualise allows you to see services across multiple networks and technologies. It allows smaller operational teams of generalists instead of technology/vendor specialists.
  • Visualise shows how service is affected by changes to the network.
  • Visualise provides a single-pane monitoring and control view of the network, operated by a more efficient single team.
  • Only Visualise can understand the service intent, correlating network components to show how network faults, changes or outages impact services.

Zeetta Enterprise  

Zeetta Visualise


Why Zeetta Visualise?

Visualise provides elegant visualisation of complex networks. The ability to see your network in a different way enables efficient and effective management of services.


Visualise gives IT/network operations and managed service providers (MSPs) the ability to see the end-to-end service regardless of network technology or vendor. It gives the user a choice of how to view the service-centric network to best support their daily operational needs.

Visualise is not just for technical users. Its simple, user-centric interface means that non-technical staff, such as administrators, events organisers or front-of-house staff can “see” customer experience and make simple daily changes that previously needed IT/operations support. 100% risk-free. 100% error-free

Multi-vendor and Multi-Technology Control

Monitor and control end-to-end services in real-time across vendors and technologies.

Network and Service Correlation

Visualise the network from a service-centric view, because the service is the priority.

Visualise Use Case: Accurate Network Audit

Network visualisation today is siloed by technology and vendor. Visualise gives you the ability to see your whole network, as it really is, in real-time.


Use Case: Accurate Network Audit

Business Challenge:

  • Poor network stability is a large manufacturing plant causes unexplained outages
  • The site network includes legacy equipment and the network topology is not accurate

Business Impact

  • Production line outages cost £50k per hour
  • Digital transformation will solve the problem £600k

Solution – Zeetta Visualise

  • Provides a complete and accurate audit of the end- to-end network


  • Visualise audited the network and highlighted expired configurations and loops which cause network instability
  • Network outages cease. £600k CAPEX is deferred.

Powered by NetOS®

NetOS® our patent-protected software is the technology enabling platform that drives the Zeetta Enterprise portfolio.


NetOS® is a network monitoring, control and management platform which contains a number service functions:

Asset Management. NetOS® uses device drivers to communicate with devices in the network.

Network Discovery. NetOS® supports heterogeneous asset integration into a common topology abstraction.

Network Monitoring. NetOS® provides performance, monitoring and diagnostic features including topology monitoring, host tracking and statistics collection.

Network Automation. NetOS provides intent-based network capabilities through service orchestration.

Network Applications. NetOS® provides applications which facilitate the administration of the network and delivery of network service.

NetOS® High Level Architecture