Zeetta Optimise

Optimise provides the ability to create multi-technology, multi-vendor and multi-site services without error.  Optimise reduces service creation time by more than 90% as it automatically computes the optimal path for a service.

Optimise provides the ability to create multi-technology, multi-vendor and multi-site services without error. More than 70% of network errors are made through human error.

Optimise reduces service creation time by more than 90%. Automatic Path Computation means only service end-points need be defined, and Optimise calculates all the intermediate points and configurations.

Optimise improves legacy network management by identifying expired configurations that cause network instability and service failure.

  • Only Optimise allows generalist or non-technical staff to rapidly create complex services 100% error-free, every time.
  • Only Optimise can discover, control, reconfigure and delete expired legacy configurations that create security back-doors.
  • Optimise can detect and remove expired configurations removing complexity and improving network stability.
  • Optimise provides an accurate, real-time service-centric view of the end-to-end network which reduces the planning cycle. Optimise uses automated path computation to reduce the effort of building new services and removing manual errors.

Zeetta Enterprise  

Zeetta Optimise


Why Zeetta Optimise?

Optimise provides end-to-end service management.  Create and manage complex enterprise services error-free, every-time. Create and manage services across technology and vendor silos.


Optimise gives IT/network operations and managed service providers (MSPs) the ability to rapidly create and manage services in complex enterprise environments.

Optimise avoids the need to manage services in technology or vendor silos with dedicated specialist teams. Services can be created, implemented and optimised across multiple technologies, multiple-vendors and multiple sites at a lower cost.

Optimise simplifies legacy configuration management reducing the overall cost of network operations (OPEX).

Dynamic Service Composition

Simple, error-free service creation in minutes. Services can be stored for later use.

Legacy Configuration Management

Optimise network inefficiencies. Identify stranded devices, erratic network behaviour and configurations.

Optimise Use Case: Private Networks

Optimise offers businesses the ability to simply and effectively set-up, provision and manage private cellular networks – 4G and 5G using IT generalists.


Use Case: Deploying Private Cellular Networks

Business Challenge:

  • A high-tech R&D campus facility has poor outdoor mobile coverage, impacting productivity.
  • IT/network operations lack experience in implementing a private cellular network.


Business Impact

  • Lost workforce productivity.
  • Increased cyber-security risk using outdoor Wi-Fi.

Solution – Zeetta Optimise

  • Provides a solution to configure, implement and manage a private LTE network using generalist staff.


  • Improved workforce productivity.
    $5k per month reduced international roaming charges.
  • Improved campus security.

Powered by NetOS®

NetOS® our patent-protected software is the technology enabling platform that drives the Zeetta Enterprise portfolio.


NetOS® is a network monitoring, control and management platform which contains a number service functions:

Asset Management. NetOS® uses device drivers to communicate with devices in the network.

Network Discovery. NetOS® supports heterogeneous asset integration into a common topology abstraction.

Network Monitoring. NetOS® provides performance, monitoring and diagnostic features including topology monitoring, host tracking and statistics collection.

Network Automation. NetOS provides intent-based network capabilities through service orchestration.

Network Applications. NetOS® provides applications which facilitate the administration of the network and delivery of network service.

NetOS® High Level Architecture