Zeetta Automate

Automate enables scheduling and implementation of new services in multi-technology, multi-vendor and multi-site networks. Mode Management is a unique capability for multi-purpose venues.

Automate allows organisations to schedule, store and replicate services and configurations and roll them out on demand.

Automate has the unique capability to automatically reconfigure a venue from one mode of operation to another at the touch of a button. Mode Management is unique to Zeetta Enterprise.

Automate provides complete programmable control of legacy and next-generation networks driving down the cost of IT/network operations while increasing business agility.

  • Only Automate allows users to store and schedule new service and configuration roll-out across multiple technologies, vendors and sites. 
  • Only Automate allows users to automatically reconfigure complex networks, error-free, and roll-back at the touch of a button.
  • Automate allows the user to store, schedule and export new services across multiple sites, vendors and technologies.
  • Automate allows MSPs to create common, standardised services across multi-vendor networks creating synergies and driving down operational costs.
  • Automate enables rapid transition from one operational mode to another and back again providing business agility.

Zeetta Enterprise  

Zeetta Automate


Why Zeetta Automate?

Automate provides programmable network management. Automated scheduling of services reduces operational costs. Mode Management allows venues to reconfigure quickly and efficiently.

Automate gives IT/network operations and managed service providers (MSPs) the ability to schedule changes to networks and configurations to specific times and dates. 

Automate allows automated removal of expired, temporary, services and configurations. It allows services to be standardised across multiple sites.

Automate provides a way to seamlessly reconfigure networks at the touch of a button to accommodate changes in use, seasonal demand and time of day.

Dynamic Service Delivery

Automated discovery, configuration, control and activation of network services.

Mode Management

Seamlessly switch from one mode of operation to another and back with zero operational costs.

Automate Use Case: Multi-Purpose Venue

Reconfiguring networks in response to change of use or change of tenant is time-consuming and costly.  Changing back is also time-consuming and costly.


Use Case: Multi-Purpose Venue

Business Challenge:

  • A multi-purpose arena hosts basketball, conferences and exhibitions.
  • It takes 20 man-hours (£600) and 1 day to change venue mode and the same to revert.

Business Impact

  • Every mode change costs £1,200 and loses 2 days of venue hire – £20,000

Solution – Zeetta Automate

  • Provides the venue with 3 pre-configured modes which can be implemented within minutes


  • 20 days increased utilisation generates £200k new revenue
  • 50 mode changes per year save £60,000 in direct operational costs

Powered by NetOS®

NetOS® our patent-protected software is the technology enabling platform that drives the Zeetta Enterprise portfolio.


NetOS® is a network monitoring, control and management platform which contains a number service functions:

Asset Management. NetOS® uses device drivers to communicate with devices in the network.

Network Discovery. NetOS® supports heterogeneous asset integration into a common topology abstraction.

Network Monitoring. NetOS® provides performance, monitoring and diagnostic features including topology monitoring, host tracking and statistics collection.

Network Automation. NetOS provides intent-based network capabilities through service orchestration.

Network Applications. NetOS® provides applications which facilitate the administration of the network and delivery of network service.

NetOS® High Level Architecture