Network slice management

Fitting into an operational network

Our fit into an operational network

Day 2 Network Slice Management

Our solution provides continuous, simplified, efficient and cost-effective management of network slices in an operational network. It is not intended for the initial Installation and configuration of the devices in that network

With the initial configuration completed Enterprise and Network Operator customers need to see end-to-end service connections through devices from different vendors, using different technologies and spanning multiple domains in different locations.

Set up and network discovery

Deploying our solution

Our solution is designed to manage network slices in an operational network.

To deploy our solution a list of network devices to be adopted is needed.

Once these devices are accessible connectivity is automatically discovered and existing slices mapped

Using our solution to probe your network and confirm performance

Network to slice assurance

Software probes are installed in your network to enable application and slice performance monitoring.

Multiple probes may be necessary to enable our solution to identify the network subsystems with issues when performance is not as expected.

Our solution can use existing installed probe solutions provided they report the required performance indicators.

These probes must be installed when deploying our solution.

Using our solution to understand applications using connectivity

Application Performance Monitoring

For the most comprehensive understanding of your application’s performance, a monitoring interface is required in the application itself.

This interface can be built in by your DevOps application support team after consultation with our architects.

Where an interface does not exist in an application itself we can monitor the performance of the hosting platform or its network port.

Application monitoring is configured during the deployment of our solution.