What we do

Solving the market need for scalable automated network slice management

The need to manage services

The challenge

We predict massive growth in the use of cellular solutions in private networks. Mobile Private Network (MPN) demands on service providers are changing with the need for rapid response to change requests, guaranteed quality at minimal cost and Enterprise application led calls for service update.

The managed service provider (MSP) market needs to respond to these changes so MPN can use DevOps to rapidly implement applications.
The challenges for the MSP are:

  • Scaling with easy to manage MPN integration services
  • Responding to demands for capacity quickly
    Enterprises need MSP solutions that are easy to and quick to modify.
    The challenges for Enterprises are:

  • Modernising business processes quickly and securely
  • Integrating multiple processes in a production environment
  • Our solution

    We meet the above challenges in our solutions delivering:

  • Cost-effective scaling for the service providers
  • Self-help for Enterprises
  • Network service and slice management
  • 5G, 4G, Wi-Fi and IP multiple vendor support
  • Automation for service change requests
  • Application interfaces to call services automatically
    We do this using our expertise in:

  • Software-defined networking
  • Network abstraction and slicing
  • Creating and managing Software as a Service
  • On-cloud and on-premises solution deployment