Product Architecture

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Technology Stack

Solution realization

Our journey from on-premises product to cloud SaaS began with a technology agnostic solution for managing services in a multi-technology network domain. Initially we concentrated on the layer-2 connectivity within the network being managed, creating services that included devices from IP, Wi-Fi and 4G or 5G cellular networks.

Our single domain solution needed extension to multiple domains as Enterprise needs to connect multiple sites together emerged. When creating our multi-domain solution layer-3 connectivity needed adding to manage cross domain service intents. Our multi-domain solution is implemented in a cloud native micro services architecture reducing the on-premises hardware complexity and cost.

Our current development adds the performance monitoring features and Application Interfaces (API) needed for end-use applications to manage their network slice and service needs programmatically creating an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) environment.

In an infrastructure as code environment we will use Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable DevOps application development teams to manage their service needs on-demand through their IT networks.