The flexibility to offer new services to your network users, perhaps to generate new revenue streams, is an inherent part of our NetOS® platform’s architectural foundations. This capability is achieved through an open API environment that allows third parties to create any number of network services to sit on top of NetOS®.


Although seemingly part of the NetOS® Core product (and available ‘out of the box’ when deploying NetOS®), there are a handful of vital applications created by Zeetta Networks which interact with the software to provide vital functionality. These include:

NetOS® Console Graphical User Interface (GUI) – Three different ways to view your virtualised network are provided as standard – Topology, Map and Plan. Depending on the task in hand, these can be used to quickly see the status of your network and its connectivity, allowing easy fault isolation and asset tracking (categorisation).
Add/Delete switch/VLAN – A utility to allow easy network design validation and fault isolation.
Quality of Service – Enabling priority/bandwidth to be allocated automatically for individual applications/services.


Certain other applications have also been created which can be deployed if required. These include:
Event Booking Application – A dynamic network resource configuration utility that enables the creation of network slices for scheduled periods. It has been deployed, for example, in a venue hire setting where strong, branded WiFi has been made available to delegates attending events.
Network Stats Monitoring – Powerful network data analytics can be invaluable when assessing your network performance, and indeed your business model.

Services and utilities can be added to NetOS via web-apps, scripts or integration with your operations support system/business support system (OSS/BSS). If you require any assistance in creating your applications, ask us about our developer service.

OPEN API ENVIRONMENT – Uniquely, NetOS® provides an open API environment, allowing you to add third party applications to your network, perhaps to add more enhanced data analyses for yourself or to provide specific users of your network with extra revenue-generating services.


To explore how programmable network infrastructures could help you, and to arrange a demonstration by Zeetta Networks, please email us at or use the contact form here.