Network Splicing® is the term we’ve given to the way NetOS® brings together different network technologies. If a combination of packet, optical, wireless or radio networks are required to integrate with each other, and perhaps also connect to a cloud infrastructure, NetOS® can create a single virtualised network that can be viewed and managed through a single console.


As more and more people use increasing numbers of smart gadgets and devices in their everyday lives, the need to integrate networks of different kinds has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Losing connectivity is no longer acceptable to many, and the ability to stay connected as one moves from place to place is a challenge that the telecoms and service provider sectors need to address. NetOS® is the world-leader in splicing technologies.


At this stage, the much-anticipated communication technologies of ‘5G’ (substantially improved data speeds and connectivity) and the technical requirements necessary for it to be a reality are still somewhat under review. However, Zeetta Networks believes that 5G will involve a collection of multiple hardware and software technologies, based around wireless and wired communication network technologies, that combine in systems to deliver the ultra-high-bandwidth, ultra-low-latency ubiquitous communications networks promised by 5G.

NETWORK SPLICING – Create a single virtualised network from multiple types of physical network (optical, packet, wireless, radio), before managing them with NetOS®.

NetOS® enables the networks of the future as well as the networks of today. It has been engineered specifically with the ultra-high-bandwidth, ultra-low-latency characteristics of tomorrow’s 5G world in mind.


A major innovation in the NetOS® virtualisation engine is the capacity to dynamically maintain quality of transport when moving from one mobile network to another. This utilises a unique combination of analytical and heuristic models that take into account constant and time varying parameters of the transmission channel. This enables NetOS® to guarantee the quality of service and isolation of virtual networks for optical and wireless networks.


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