Network ‘slicing’ is where a common physical infrastructure can be segmented into multiple virtual sub-networks, and shared among specific end users who can be provided with different levels of service depending on their allocated network slice.


NetOS® incorporates patented technology to enable the dynamic creation of virtual network ‘slices’. These ring-fenced portions of the network act as completely isolated sub-networks, and are guaranteed to satisfy the quality criteria of the services deployed on each slice. In this way, completely different sets of services may be provided to multiple tenants over the same shared physical infrastructure thereby making it possible to optimise the network resources available.


The efficiency achieved by Network Slicing doesn’t stop at being able to configure the optimal use of a network’s resources. Once configured, a network can be re-sliced whenever necessary, with different groups of network devices being included or excluded as required.

This means that, for example, fluctuations in network demand or scheduled increases in traffic over a particular area of the network at a particular time can be planned for, and responded to, automatically.


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NETWORK SLICING – NetOS® allows the segmentation of your network into separate sub-networks or ‘slices’, allowing delivery of different services to multiple groups of users, each of which can have control over their own slice.
STADIUM EXEMPLAR – NetOS® has allowed a sports stadium to offer completely separate services to its concessionaires and public users whilst retaining control of their own turnstiles, corporate network and other elements.