Visualise, Optimise and Automate are powered by NetOS®

Visualise, Optimise and Automate are powered by Zeetta’s network virtualisation platform called NetOS that abstracts the complexity of the underlying physical network and represent it internally as a layout map of nodes and links known as a ‘operational topology’. This elegant, yet powerful, representation simplifies the monitoring and management of even the most complex networks because any network device -regardless of its complexity- can be represented as a node within the network topology.

What is NetOS®?

NetOS is a software defined networking (SDN) orchestrator based on the industry-standard OpenDaylight controller from the Linux Foundation®. The original open-source controller has been enhanced with patent-protected extensions to enable monitoring, control and management of heterogeneous networks containing LAN, WLAN and private LTE/5G devices. NetOS leverages SDN technology to provide IT teams full control of the network operations and allow them to construct services according to what the user wants, rather than how the network presents its capabilities.



Key Features

Offers a unique service model

A unique service model establishes the appropriate control over network infrastructure

Supports all major underlying physical access technologies

Works with all major underlying physical access technologies including LAN, WLAN, optical and private LTE/5G

Supports disaggregated and multi-vendor networks

Works with disaggregated, open networking solutions and across different hardware vendors

Provides key orchestration functions

Offers key orchestration functions to enable automated service provisioning for a greater network reliance and availability

Collects and records data from devices

Collects and records data from devices and services across the network to monitor performance and simplify Service Level Agreement (SLA) management

Topology Aggregation

Merges and reconciles topologies from different underlying physical or virtual sub-networks to create -in real-time- a single, unified, aggregate topology that represents the entire network domain.

Technology Highlights

  • Software Defined Networking technology
  • Based on Linux Foundation’s OpenDaylight
  • Patent-protected extensions to support multiple network technologies
  • Delivered via standard container technology on Linux x86 server platforms
  • Reconstructs the aggregate topology of the whole network
  • Automatic device adoption
  • Path computation in complex and heterogenous network topologies
  • Dynamic management of VLANs
  • Host tracking through OpenFlow and Layer2
  • Supports Mode Management (switch between network configuration profiles)
  • Supports a number of southbound APIs and northbound protocols including REST, OpenFlow, NETGONF, YANG, CLI and SNMP
  • More advanced orchestration functions can be supported such as self-organising and self-healing capabilities

NetOS® Architecture

Control Plane

NetOS Core: Orchestrator  of network services with embedded SDN controller

Data Framework: Collection and aggregation of data, events and statistics for network performance monitoring


Application Plane

Admin GUI: Support for different network views

Services GUI: Service creation application

Resource Booking Tool: Scheduling and resource booking tool

3rd Party Applications: Applications developed by 3rd parties