Our NetOS® offers a new system from which 5G capabilities can be built. By offering an open, programmable platform to operate networks, NetOS® provides a solution for coping with the increasing demand for high-speed internet access.


We believe that 5G will be a collection of multiple hardware and software technologies, based around wireless and wired communication network technologies, that combine in systems to deliver the ambitious 5G features of ultra-high-bandwidth, ultra-low-latency ubiquitous communications networks.

These 5G features will facilitate new and better ways of delivering value by connecting people and things to services that will increase quality of life and productivity. It has been suggested that 5G will deliver:

  • 100 times higher data rate – A farmer in a video conference with a remote vet, caring for cows in the middle of a field in Somerset
  • 1000 times higher data volume – Everyone in the stadium can see the instant replay of the goal, in high definition
  • 100 times more connected devices – Tracking every rented bicycle in London, wherever they are
  • End-to-End latency of <1ms – Instantaneous response with interactive augmented reality
  • 10 times lower energy consumption – Low cost connectivity everywhere

All of this enables the creation of new services and businesses that can deliver value to people wherever they are.


Europe hopes to deploy 5G by 2020 and our NetOS® platform offers a crucial step in making this a reality.

The various technologies likely to require integration in a 5G world can be managed by NetOS®. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) can enable the convergence of diverse range of devices, including optical, packet, wireless and the Internet of Things (IoT), and Zeetta Networks’ optical network platform enables multi-technology 5G networks to benefit for the first time from a comprehensive network operating system – which our NetOS® platform provides.

As demand for data connectivity continues to grow, the deployment of 5G is more crucial than ever. Our unique NetOS® solution provides a robust and proven platform for these devices, allowing enterprises, smart cities and service providers to collectively manage and optimise their access to data.


To explore how programmable network infrastructures could help you, and to arrange a demonstration by Zeetta Networks, please email us at info@zeetta.com or use the contact form here.