Service Provisioning

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Optimise and Automate

Optimise allows non-specialist staff to create complex IT/network services with zero-risk of error. Optimise calculates and configures all the components required to deliver a service so the end-user doesn’t have to.

Automate allows non-operational staff to create, save and schedule services for deployment when needed. Automate also automatically removes expired configurations reducing security risks.

Who benefits?

  • Non-operational staff – Improved productivity, improved responsiveness and control
  • IT/Operations – Reduced workload, improved productivity
  • Finance – Reduced opportunity loss, improved agility, improved cash-flow or time-to-cash

Business Challenge:

  • A hotel is asked to host a beer festival after the original venue is flooded.
  • The organisers want to run their own Octoberfest bar and require a dedicated retail Wi-Fi network.

Business Impact

  • IT have a 72-hour SLA to set up a new Wi-Fi network, and the hotel has to turn-down the booking and £25,000 booking fee.


  • With Automate the conference sales staff take the booking and set up the Wi-Fi network within 10 minutes without any need to involve IT.