Private Cellular Networks

What are the benefits?

More and more enterprises are realising that the conventional choices for deploying wireless broadband connectivity i.e. Wi-Fi or public cellular networks, are not delivering the efficiency, control and security they need to satisfy the demands of their business operations.  In contrast, private LTE and 5G networks for enterprises bring distinct benefits especially for business critical and security critical applications:

  • Superior service security based on SIM-based authentication (instead of password protection in Wi-Fi systems)
  • Improved control and management of connectivity with better reliability, resiliency and predictability
  • Increased availability and coverage thanks to new spectrum bands that became available specifically for private cellular networks
  • Full control over the enterprise’s own operating processes as the enterprise effectively becomes a mobile network infrastructure operator
  • Enhanced data security as data segregated and processed locally and separately from public 5G networks
  • Controlled latency enables near real-time communication between thousands of IoT devices, a crucial factor in applications such as public safety or robotic motion control.
  • Network slicing allows the network to be optimised for the needs of specific user groups, devices or applications over the same infrastructure.

How Zeetta can help?

Zeetta’s products simplify the deployment, monitoring and management of Private Cellular Networks as they enable a single-pane-of-glass control and management of any mix of network devices operating in licensed and unlicensed spectrum.

Visualise provides an up-to-date view of the whole network across LAN, Wi-Fi and LTE/5G devices

Optimise allows a simple -yet powerful- way to provision end-to-end services across the private cellular network within minutes. Its user-friendly interface allows non-specialist staff to carry out complex tasks without in-depth knowledge of the underlying mobile architecture.

Automate allows services to be activated, modified and deactivated as required by the enterprise. All the enterprise needs to do is physically install the LTE or 5G radio equipment.