Network Visibility

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A better way to view your network

Visualise provides standalone monitoring and control of multivendor, multi-technology and multi-site networks in real-time.

Visualise has the unique capability to automatically discover network assets – devices, network components and connections to give an accurate view of the network. Visualise correlates the links between a service and the underlying network that is runs on.

This allows users to see, and plan, the impact of faulty equipment and configurations on service and service performance. Using Visualise allows you to have an accurate picture of your network, how it is connected and the services running over it. This makes network planning easier and reduces the testing requirement for major changes.

Who benefits?

  • Operations – Visualise reduces network outages and avoids reduced productivity.
  • CFO/Finance – Visualise avoids the need for CAPEX intensive transformation projects.

Business Challenge:

  • Poor network stability is a large manufacturing plant causes unexplained outages
  • The site network includes legacy equipment and the network topology is not accurate

Business Impact

  • Production line outages cost £50k per hour
  • Digital transformation will solve the problem £600k


  • Visualise audited the network and highlighted expired configurations and loops which cause network instability
  • Network outages cease. £600k CAPEX is deferred.