One of the key advantages of having a complete control over your network assets is that you can start to set up automated tasks. This reduces your reliance on human intervention (and the potential inconsistencies in decision-making that this can entail), and can drastically cut time expenditure and Operating Expenditure (OpEx) to increase your network management efficiency.

NetOS® allows you to configure network slices and re-configure them again and again on demand, and these changes can be triggered by pre-defined events such as the addition of a new device on the network, increased demand for services, or perhaps an external event such as an emergency.

Devices can be switched on and off, connections between devices changed and re-routed, bandwidths adjusted to meet the needs of priority network users, and new devices added to the service – all automatically.


Network administrators typically look at monitoring systems to find a variety of potential events, such as:

    • When a link is passing a specific threshold
    • When a new virtual machine (VM) joins the network
    • When a telepresence call is being set up
    • When a marketing host is sending traffic to your finance servers

or perhaps low level events such as:

  • Topology changes
  • Traffic statistics
  • Receipt of specific packets etc.

In each case, NetOS® can be employed to identify the event and trigger an application to launch, which takes the necessary steps to ‘deal with’ the event. The open API environment of NetOS® allows the addition of any number of bespoke applications for this purpose.

Other simple event handler applications can be created on top of NetOS®. For example, to proactively detect an outage of a critical device (such as a till, POS or access control device) on the network, an application could be added that automatically creates a critical IT support alert and ticket for a support team to fix the issue, or even take basic power-cycling action to see if the fault can be corrected without human intervention.

With NetOS® at their disposal, a network administrator can free themselves of many of their repetitive tasks and focus instead on more important projects.


NetOS® is modular and supports custom applications, which can be written by your own team or designed and built by Zeetta Networks team on your behalf. Here are few examples:

Large venues (e.g. stadiums, concert halls)

  • Where it is important to monitor and immediately fix any issues related to key services such as tills, POS, access control or CCTV cameras

Education (e.g. universities, schools)

  • Where you need to monitor the bandwidth usage between buildings or within the datacentre and ISP links
  • Monitor new equipment connected to the network, and place them on the right VLAN


  • Where you need to monitor WAN links and offload traffic over the links to avoid high costs of traffic bursts
  • Where you need to monitor and load balance between MPLS and IPSec tunnels

Service Providers

  • Where you need to monitor subscribers’ traffic loads, and allocate burst bandwidths
  • Where you need to monitor outages and re-route traffic where there is a lack of routing protocols


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