On-Premises Domain Control

Managing your network devices

Viewing complex networks

Powered by Zeetta’s network virtualisation platform called NetOS® the complexity of the underlying physical network is represent as an abstract layout using a map of nodes and links in view called operational topology. This elegant, yet powerful, representation simplifies the monitoring and management of even the most complex networks because any network device -regardless of its complexity- can be represented as a node within the network topology.

Technology highlights

Key features:

  • Software Defined Networking technology
  • Reconstruction of the aggregate topology of the whole network
  • Automatic device adoption
  • Path computation in complex and heterogenous network topologies
  • Dynamic management of VLANs
  • Host tracking (end device) through OpenFlow and Layer2
  • Supports Mode Management (switch between network configuration profiles)
  • North/South APIs using: REST, OpenFlow, NETCONF, YANG, CLI, SNMP
  • Based on Linux Foundation’s OpenDaylight
  • Delivered via standard container technology on Linux x86 server platforms
  • Patent-protected extensions to support multiple network technologies
  • network visualization , networking, GUI, network topology, dashboard, wireless, LTE, LAN, 5G, Wi-Fi, mobile, network automation, network optimisation, network visibility, network monitoring


    Control Plane

    NetOS Core: Orchestrator of network services with embedded SDN controller

    Data Framework: Collection and aggregation of data, events and statistics for network performance monitoring

    Application Plane

    Admin GUI: Support for different network views
    Services GUI: Service creation application