Smart Cities

Smart Cities and communities require a complex ecosystem of networks, technologies and systems.  Efficient control and management of those networks is essential to deliver tangible benefits.

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The Smart Cities Market

NetOS® can help any industry with complex IT and connectivity needs.  The complexity of smart-cities which require multiple-technologies to manage complex mission critical systems are increasingly requiring a city operating system for efficient network control and management.

NetOS® was designed to manage smart city networks.

According to analyst firm Market & Markets, the global smart city platforms market is estimated at $223.3bn by 2023 with a compound anuual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.4%.


City centre connectivity challenge

Bristol is a vibrant, busy city, with over 250,000 visitors flooding into the centre for events like the annual Harbour Festival.

However, large festival-style events create huge demand for network connectivity. The emergency services need reliable access to bandwidth for response communications, the city Operations Centre is continuously monitoring traffic CCTV footage, tourists are drawing on the 4G and public Wi-Fi networks, plus businesses need network support for their electronic point of sale systems.

With that level of congestion, networks often start to fail.