NetOS® is well suited to enterprises of all sizes, although it is particularly relevant to bigger institutions with large, complex networks that may or may not be interconnected currently. The only pre-requisite is the wish to have better visibility of one’s network, greater flexibility and the agility to optimise network resources at a moment’s notice.


In a large retail environment, you might have certain staff members needing to run wireless card terminals and LAN-based office functions (perhaps therefore being allocated their own ‘slice’ of the network), whilst a digital signage network might be allocated a separate slice of the LAN infrastructure, and shoppers or other visitors might be allocated a different slice again in order to access the firm’s branded WiFi. If the environment was an even larger shopping mall that incorporated a large number of different retail operations, the principles could simply be extended to allocating more slices to more groups of users, with each shop having its own sub-network (which could perhaps incorporate packet, optical and wireless network resources).

In this scenario, NetOS® would allow the network owner to adapt to the varying demands made of their network at different times of the day, channeling bandwidth on demand to where it’s most in need at any one point in time.

EXAMPLE – Sports stadium scenario, in which multiple devices are controlled by NetOS® across multiple slices of the network, with turnstiles, beverage concessions, digital signage, pitchside WiFi and more all capable of being re-configured as demand changes.


Financial savings – Reduce Capital Expenditure (CapEx) by allowing multi-vendor (including bare-metal), multi-technology equipment to be integrated in your system. Operating Expenditure (OpEx) can also be drastically reduced in most cases as the management of a NetOS®-controlled virtual infrastructure can be undertaken with far fewer administrative or technical staff.
Confidence – Reduce the complexity of network management by virtualising and unifying your infrastructure into a single virtual network, giving you total network visibility and security.
Easier network management – Achieve substantially improved monitoring and control of your network, thanks to the NetOS® Console’s intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the ease with which your network can be re-configured.
Flexibility and agility – You have the freedom to re-configure your network and its ‘slices’ on demand (or set up automatic triggers), and introduce common APIs to manage and operate the sub-networks you create.
New business opportunities – NetOS® provides a platform on which you can host new applications and services which can provide targeted solution to specific problems, add new features to users and offer you fresh monetisation opportunities.


By embracing the Open Networking ethos, Zeetta Networks has ensured that NetOS® benefits from the rapidly increasing robustness of such platforms, the growing size of the open community, and the many options for support and development partnerships that the open platform communities offer. In short, your decision to adopt NetOS® provides you with far greater security – and likely financial savings – in the long term than if you were locked in to a particular vendor or group of equipment manufacturers.


NetOS® not only simplifies the provisioning and management of services over your network slices, but it also integrates with an expanding range of open platforms widely adopted by industry, giving you far broader network management capabilities and future-proofed confidence.


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