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Multi-technology, multi-domain network slicing for applications



Enterprises need solutions to interconnect the application endpoints, to their networks, for reliable and secure control of connectivity.

A network slice is a virtual network that can be considered an end-to-end application network slice. A slice is an isolated subset of a network topology that consumes some of the network resources creating, secure, connectivity with a specified quality of service.

Each network slice is provisioned based on the specific needs of the application consumer. By separating application connectivity into virtual networks Enterprises benefit because robust connectivity of their applications is achieved.

5G slices

Mobile Network Operators

Network slicing is for the separation and management of network traffic.

In 4G calls and data, typically, use a shared network slice.

The introduction of 5G adds new functionality that enables telecommunication network operators to create several different virtual networks on the same physical equipment.

Full implementation of network slicing needs a 5G Stand Alone (SA) network.

Many network operators are using a mix of 5G Non-Stand Alone (NSA) and 5G Stand Alone (SA) networks.

Most importantly, when a network is sliced, in 5G, the virtual networks enabled are isolated from each other. This means one network is less likely to impact the performance of another.