NetOS® Product Overview

NetOS® is a network control and management software platform that simplifies and automates Network Operations (NetOps) for Enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).


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NetOS® software makes the service drive the network, regardless of vendor or technology.  NetOS® uses a unique combination of service orchestration, software-defined networking and analytics to unlock the power of the network.

Our unique approach to intent-based networking is protected by granted patents, trademarks and copyright.

NetOS® differs from conventional network-centric Network Management System (NMS) because it is service-centric.  NetOS® enables and manages connectivity services in real-time across the network.

The NetOS® product currently supports two enterprise software solutions – NetOS Enterprise™ and NetOS Rapide™.

NetOS® unlocks the power of the network

NetOS Enterprise™

An on-premise NetOS® installation for complex enterprise networks with local and cloud administration.

NetOS Rapide™

A hardware and software solution for temporary or deployable enterprise networks.

NetOS Enterprise™

NetOS ® Enterprise is a network control and management solution for complex enterprise networks.

NetOS® Data Sheet

NetOS® software suite overview of key applications and services for control and management of enterprise and MSP networks.

NetOS Rapide™ 

NetOS Rapide™ is a deployable enterprise network solution for temporary or “pop-up” networks.

NetOS Rapide™ Use Case

NetOS Rapide™ is used to create and control a temporary or “pop-up” network for a major music festival.

Solving Business Problems with NetOS®

Digital Infrastructure – networks, devices and connectivity is critical to business success

Lack of agility compromises the ability to change and reap the digital transformation dividend


The inability of Digital Infrastructure to support business change prevents realisation of the Digital Transformation Dividend.

Traditionally, Digital Infrastructure problems are overcome by increasing OPEX, more people, or increasing CAPEX, more equipment.

NetOS® offers an alternative, disruptive approach that doesn’t require high OPEX and CAPEX.

Zeetta Networks’s NetOS® unlocks the power of the network.

Digital Transformation is driven by Business Need

Digital Transformation projects are a response to changing business needs such as the need to improve productivity; to be more competitive; to reduce costs; to respond more rapidly etc.

The commercial benefit of digital transformation is known as “the digital transformation dividend”.

If the cost of transformation is too high then there is no digital transformation dividend.

Lack of Digital Infrastructure agility is a major contributor to high transformation costs.

NetOS addresses the infrastructure issues that prevent digital transformation reducing OPEX and CAPEX.

NetOS® unlocks the Power of the Network


How do you know if your digital infrastructure isn’t agile?

Moving a phone

Moving desks within an office environment should be easy.

You should be able to move an IP Phone from one LAN port to another without IT intervention.

However, because LAN ports have to be programmed, something as simple as moving a phone requires network reconfiguration.

It is only a 5-minute task, but you may wait hours for the change to be made.

This is an example of non-agile digital infrastructure.

Guest Wi-Fi

Setting up guest Wi-Fi for an open day or event should be easy.

Event organisers should be able to easily arrange a temporary guest network for the duration of an event.

However, setting up and scaling a Wi-Fi network to support hundreds of people requires IT intervention.

The organisers have to fill in a form several days in advance, and request IT to make the neccessary changes.

This is an example of non-agile infrastructure.

Automated Factory

Creating a real-time factory kanban for monitoring inventory as it moves through the factory should be simple.

Cheap and effective wireless asset trackers can be deployed to track work-in-progress ensuring maximum productivity.

However, changing a single Wi-Fi access point can require the reprogramming of hundreds of asset tags or face unexpected stoppages costing thousands per minute.

This is an example of non-agile digital infrastructure.


On a busy Saturday afternoon a series of tills start to scan slowly because of an undetected network fault.

Queues build up, affecting takings and customer satisfaction because IT aren’t able to quickly analyse and repair the fault.

They can’t tell whether it is a problem with the tills or a connectivity issue or a problem with the centralised systems.

An hour’s poor network performance costs thousands.

This is an example of non-agile digital infrastructure.

Non-agile infrastructure impacts business in four distinct ways:


Network changes take too long.

When networks go wrong, they take too long to fix.

IT and Operations spend too much time on urgent, but trivial tasks, and not enough time on important tasks.


Too many simple, manual tasks are repetitive and prone to human-error.

IT and Operations teams are reluctant to make rapid changes that may impact network integrity.


Networks are growing in complexity.  

New services and devices increase that complexity. Frequent technology changes and infrastructure refreshes further increase complexity.

Complexity inhibits agility.


Organisations have limited resources.

There are too few people to perform tasks or increased task loading means IT and Operations struggle.

Efficient utilisation of network infrastructure reduces CAPEX.

NetOS® Overview

Our patent-protected software makes the service drive the network, regardless of vendor or technology.

Our unique service-centric approach to intent-based networking uses Service Orchestration, Analytics and Automation for network control and management.


Using Software-Defined Network technology NetOS abstracts the ever-increasing complexity of networks by providing a single-pane view and control of multi-device, multi-vendor and multi-technology networks.


Our service-model hides complexity and ensures simplicity.


Our network programmability gives operational control allowing rapid responses.


Our software-defined networking, analytics and orchestration accelerate digital transformation.

NetOS uses network analytics to monitor network performance against service requirements and SLAs.

NetOS Service Orchestration determines intent.  It understands what services need to run in the network and the required configurations.

NetOS SDN control functionality programmes and configures the network to match intent.

NetOS® Functional  Overview

NetOS® derives its capabilities to intelligently automate networks from five core functions.


NetOS® Functional Blocks

The NetOS® network control and management software platform consists of five functional blocks:

  • Network Applications
  • Network Automation
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Discovery 
  • Asset Management

NetOS® Capabilities

The NetOS® has the following four capabilities:

  • Full Network visibility and monitoring across multi-vendor and multi-technology domains
  • Automated plug-and-play service provisioning
  • Dynamics service provisioning and reconfiguration without service interruption
  • Atomatic network self-healing

NetOS® Functions & Capabilities

NetOS® features and functionality combine to deliver powerful network control, management and automation capabilities


NetOS® Functions

Network Applications

The current version of NetOS Version supports two network administration applications .

Additional applications can be developed by Zeetta developers or third parties.

Network Automation

NetOS® uses service orchestration combined with SDN control to push configuration settings to groups of devices rather than just one element at a time, automating the network.

Network Monitoring

NetOS® provides performance and diagnostic features including topology monitoring, host tracking and statistics collection.


Network Discovery

NetOS® automates device discovery and integration into an abstracted and aggregated topology to give a real-time view of the network.

Asset Management

Asset management determines what assets are in the network in order to model it, which allows NetOS® to manage the devices.

NetOS® Capabilities

Full Network Visibility

NetOS® provides full real-time network visibility and monitoring across multiple vendor and multiple technology domains.


Automated Provisioning

NetOS® enables automated plug-and-play provisioning of services including programming and reconfiguration.

Dynamic Provisioning

NetOS® enables dynamic service provisioning and reconfiguration without service interruption.


NetOS enables automated self-healing of end-to-end services. In response to failure the network reconfigures to maintain services within SLAs.

Who needs NetOS®?

NetOS® is disruptive. It offers an alternative, lower cost and less resource-intensive method to optimise network operations and accelerate digital transformation.


Solving these business issues today?

NetOS® solves network issues by improving network resilience. It is a far more efficient solution than adding capacity, increasing redundancy, upgrading technology or improving operational capability by expanding operational teams, adding processes or reducing service levels.

Alternatively, you can do nothing and accept the loss of revenue, opportunities and competitiveness.


Capital Expenditure

A common approach to avoiding network issues is over-dimensioning networks to cope with peak-demand or adding resilient connectivity to avoid single points of failure in the network.

These solutions work, but they require additional capital expenditure (CAPEX) resulting in poor asset utilisation and inefficient networks.

Operational Expenditure

An alternate approach to addressing digital infrastructure issues is increasing the operational teams to support the network.

This may require a 365/24/7 support team, which needs to be dimensioned for the busiest periods.

Operational costs increase annually in response to wage inflation.

Maintain Status Quo

Companies may choose to ignore the problem of non-agile infrastructure and simply accept that they cannot obtain the digital transformation dividend.

Opportunities will be missed, service-levels will reduce and the company will cease to compete effectively.

This is the worst possible response.

…we are just scratching the surface of what the NetOS platform can deliver and ….I’m confident that we will be able to drive greater fan engagement along with significant returns to our businesses.

Martin Griffiths

Chairman - Ashton Gate Stadium

NetOS® industry segments

NetOS® can help any industry with complex IT and connectivity needs. It can help any industry which experiences rapid, dynamic change such as seasonal employment, rush-hours or unexpected periods of demand.  It can help any industry which has a broad IT footprint, maybe with multiple offices, or mobile sites or multiple technology networks.

However, NetOS has the biggest impact on these five vertical segments:


Stadiums & Venues

Stadiums, race-courses, golf-courses and leisure centres.


Universities, schools, commercial training and research labs.

Smart Cities

Smart- Cities, campuses, rural-communities and science parks.


Festivals, concerts, demonstrations, conferences and trade shows.


Offices, shared-workspaces, factories, shops and transport hubs.

NetOS® buying personas

The drive to purchase NetOS® typically comes from five key buying personas or roles within an organisation:



NetOS® delivers 20-30% OPEX reduction. OPEX savings at this level increase share-holder value and may be driven by a company’s senior executives.


NetOS® increases the efficiency and effectiveness of IT and operations. This level of improvement may be driven by IT/Operations management.


Where IT/Operations is outsourced to MSPs or systems integrators NetOS® may be implemented to reduce the cost of service delivery.


End-users who experience IT/Operations bottle-necks that restrict growth, flexibility or efficiency may drive NetOS® implementation.

NetOS® Licences

NetOS® has a 12-month licence fee with three tiers


NetOS® Licences

There are three tiers of NetOS® licence – Base, Control and Application. The control and applications licences add specific functionality to the basic licence which delivers network monitoring and visibility capabilities:

Base Licence

Network Monitoring & Visibility

12-month licence

Control Licence

Network Provisioning & Automation

12-month licence

Application Licence

Network Applications, API and SDK toolkit

12-month licence

  • The standard NetOS® licence is 100 managed assets (network switches, Wi-Fi APs, managed devices etc.)

  • Additional licences increase in 20 device increments.


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