NetOS® Enabling Technology

NetOS® is a network control and management software platform that simplifies and automates Network Operations (NetOps) for Enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).  It powers the Zeetta Enterprise suite.


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NetOS® software makes the service drive the network, regardless of vendor or technology.  NetOS® uses a unique combination of service orchestration, software-defined networking and analytics to unlock the power of the network.

Our unique approach to intent-based networking is protected by granted patents, trademarks and copyright.

NetOS® differs from conventional network-centric Network Management System (NMS) because it is service-centric.  NetOS® enables and manages connectivity services in real-time across the network.

The NetOS® product currently supports two enterprise software solutions – NetOS Enterprise™ and NetOS Rapide™.

NetOS® unlocks the power of your network

NetOS® Overview

Our patent-protected software makes the service drive the network, regardless of vendor or technology.

Our unique service-centric approach to intent-based networking uses Service Orchestration, Analytics and Automation for network control and management.


Using Software-Defined Network technology NetOS abstracts the ever-increasing complexity of networks by providing a single-pane view and control of multi-device, multi-vendor and multi-technology networks.


Our service-model hides complexity and ensures simplicity.


Our network programmability gives operational control allowing rapid responses.


Our software-defined networking, analytics and orchestration accelerate digital transformation.

NetOS uses network analytics to monitor network performance against service requirements and SLAs.

NetOS Service Orchestration determines intent.  It understands what services need to run in the network and the required configurations.

NetOS SDN control functionality programmes and configures the network to match intent.

NetOS® Functions & Capabilities

NetOS® features and functionality combine to deliver powerful network control, management and automation capabilities


NetOS® Functional  Overview

NetOS® derives its capabilities to intelligently automate networks from five core functions.


NetOS® Functional Blocks

The NetOS® network control and management software platform consists of five functional blocks:

  • Network Applications
  • Network Automation
  • Network Monitoring
  • Network Discovery 
  • Asset Management

NetOS® Capabilities

The NetOS® has the following four capabilities:

  • Full Network visibility and monitoring across multi-vendor and multi-technology domains
  • Automated plug-and-play service provisioning
  • Dynamics service provisioning and reconfiguration without service interruption
  • Atomatic network self-healing

NetOS® Functions

Network Monitoring

NetOS® provides performance and diagnostic features including topology monitoring, host tracking and statistics collection.


Network Discovery

NetOS® automates device discovery and integration into an abstracted and aggregated topology to give a real-time view of the network.

Asset Management

Asset management determines what assets are in the network in order to model it, which allows NetOS® to manage the devices.

Network Automation

NetOS® uses service orchestration combined with SDN control to push configuration settings to groups of devices rather than just one element at a time, automating the network.

Network Applications

The current version of NetOS Version supports two network administration applications .

Additional applications can be developed by Zeetta developers or third parties.