NetOS® Enterprise

Our advanced NetOS® platform allows network owners to free themselves from the constraints of the past, enabling the sorts of flexibility, agility and control that were unimaginable just a few years ago, and which are increasingly needed by today’s – and tomorrow’s – network owners.



NetOS® has been developed to allow, and support, a radical change in the way networks are now required to operate. Beyond the more basic Software-Defined Networking (SDN) principles, at its heart is the ability to share underlying network resources in order to provision multiple services in a multi-tenant/user environment. The result is a range of solutions that include:

  • Network visibility – Your entire network can be seen through a single console, which shows devices in topology, plan or map views. Identify which devices are active in real time, which areas of your network are experiencing high traffic, which devices are not performing properly.
  • Monitoring and control – The NetOS® console allows you to reconfigure your network on demand. Identify deviations between planned and actual configurations (perhaps due to misconfigurations in connections or wiring) and spot malfunctioning devices with ease, enabling speedy remediation. 
  • Network automation – Changes to your network’s configuration can be triggered by an event such as an emergency, or perhaps by increased demand for services. Devices can be switched on and off, bandwidths can be adjusted to meet the needs of priority network users, and new devices added to the service – all automatically if required. 
  • Security – NetOS® lets you more easily monitor network traffic for malicious behavior and potential cyber threats. You can also quickly identify and locate misconfigurations or malfunctioning links or devices, to help you with speedy remediation. 
  • Bespoke applications and services – NetOS®’s open API environment gives you the freedom to introduce new revenue-earning services on your network, simply by adding your own applications. We can help in producing these for you, or you can create them yourselves. 


No other platform gives its users the same degree of freedom in how they choose to build, extend, or manage their networks.

Network Virtualisation – enabling a common physical infrastructure to be managed and controlled from a single PC screen, decoupled from the physical network resources. 

Network Splicing® – NetOS® is unique in being able to splice together the technologies of different types of network (wireless, optical, packet and radio) to create a single virtual operating network which can then be viewed and managed. 

Network Slicing – An operating network might therefore comprise several different technologies, spliced together. Regardless of this, the network can be sliced into separate segments or sub-networks once again, with each ‘slice’ potentially incorporating elements of different network technologies (wireless, optical, packet and radio), effectively ring-fencing a multi-technology sub-network for use by a given group of users, who can have visibility and control over their own slice of the shared network infrastructure. 

Open API environment – Third party applications can be created to sit on top of NetOS®, allowing network owners to develop their own network service applications should they wish, along with scripts and integration with OSS/BSS. 

Extensible ‘Open Network’ framework – The NetOS® platform is vendor agnostic, and is designed to work with an unlimited number of network devices, including both legacy devices and ‘bare metal’ or ‘vanilla’ devices. This means a network owner need not be tied to using, or purchasing, devices from a particular manufacturer so their Capital Expenditure (CapEx) requirements when deploying NetOS® can be kept to a minimum.

Assured Quality of Service (QoS) – NetOS® maintains a robust network connection during the handover from one wireless network to another by monitoring and re-configuring the data flows.

Budget control – Not only can CapEx be reduced, but a network owner’s Operating Expenditure can also be reduced in most cases, as management of the network is vastly simplified and centralised by NetOS®.


To configure and slice a multi-technology network, NetOS® relies on the network incorporating devices that support the OpenFlow protocol. And since most device vendors are now committed to supporting the OpenFlow protocol, NetOS® is able to control their devices and manage them through the NetOS® console.

For wireless and optical network devices that are not currently supporting the OpenFlow protocol, Zeetta Networks has developed an SDN agent. The agent makes these devices SDN-ready and adds to their control mechanism support for the OpenFlow protocol. This means that we can take virtually any device and make it accessible to NetOS®.


By design, NetOS® is a platform that is not only vendor agnostic but also both programmable and extensible, capable of supporting additional network devices across packet, optical and wireless technologies, as well as low power radio Internet Of Things (IoT) networks. This presents a future-proofed path for the ongoing evolution of your network as new technologies and service opportunities emerge.


To explore how programmable network infrastructures could help you, and to arrange a demonstration by Zeetta Networks, please email us at or use the contact form here.

NetOS® enables multiple technology networks (packet, optical, wireless or low power radio) to be ‘spliced’ into a single virtual network, which can then be ‘sliced’ in order to apportion different operational sub-networks to specific groups of customers/users. Bespoke applications can also be provided to individual groups of users, slice by slice.
NetOS ® Enterprise

NetOS® has been used in both the DCMS 5G Smart Tourism and 5G RuralFirst projects.