NetOS Enterprise™

NetOS Enterprise™ is an on-premise installation of our network control and management platform that delivers digital network transformation with intelligence and automation


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NetOS Enterprise™

NetOS Enterprise™ is a network control and management software platform that simplifies network operations for enterprises and managed service providers through automation and intelligence.

NetOS Enterprise™ is designed to support complex enterprise networks; networks that support high-value, mission-critical services; networks that need to support fluctuating demand; composite networks that use multiple technologies to deliver their service and networks across multiple premises or countries.

NetOS Enterprise™ has delivered proven operational savings of 20-30% as well as enabling new revenue-generating services.

NetOS Enterprise™ empowers non-IT and operations staff to respond to changing business needs with 100% certainty.


NetOS® unlocks the power of the network

Solving Business Problems with NetOS Enterprise™

NetOS Enterprise is a solution for complex enterprise networks typically with more than 200 employees.


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NetOS Enterprise™ can be used to solve a number of business problems related to digital infrastructure issues.  

These issues can be broadly divided into four main categories: Time, Process, Complexity and Cost.

  • NetOS Enterprise™ significantly reduces the time it takes to manage networks, make changes and resolve faults.
  • NetOS Enterprise™ automates repetitive manual tasks, allowing businesses to streamline processes and reduce errors.
  • NetOS Enterprise™ takes complex networks, and creates a simple, more manageable, abstracted service-centric view.
  • The net impact of NetOS Enterprise™ is a significant operational cost reduction, or the ability to increase productivity for the same spend.

NetOS Enterprise™ addresses four key problem areas:


Network changes take too long.

When networks go wrong, they take too long to fix.

IT and Operations spend too much time on urgent tasks, and not enough time on important tasks.


Too many simple, manual tasks are repetitive and prone to human-error.

IT and Operations teams are reluctant to make rapid changes that may impact network integrity.


Networks are growing in complexity.  

New services increase that complexity. Frequent technology changes and infrastructure refreshes further increase complexity.

Complexity inhibits agility.


Organisations have limited resources.

There are too few people to perform tasks or increased task loading means IT and Operations struggle.

Efficient utilisation of network infrastructure reduces CAPEX.

NetOS Enterprise™ provides solutions to each of the key problem areas:

Faster fault resolution

NetOS identifies and remediates network problems.

A unique service-based approach automates trivial tasks.

Productivity improvement

NetOS delivers change and configuration management in real-time, meaning fewer delays.

Changes can be made without fear, and rolled back with ease.

Projection of simplicity

NetOS provides multi-vendor fault, performance and availability monitoring through a single-pane view.  This means complex services, faults and issues can be easily seen, understood and resolved.

Reduced cost and new revenues

NetOS offers a simple and intuitive interface for technical and non-technical users.

Technical users can do more with less.  Non-technical users can make changes without fear.

NetOS Enterprise™ features and benefits

NetOS Enterprise delivers significant business benefits to both enterprises and MSPs.

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NetOS Enterprise™ features

There are five key features of NetOS™ Enterprise that make it uniquely able to unlock the power of the network and deliver the digital transformation dividend.

Full Network Visibility

Multi-technology network services and infrastructure monitored locally or remotely.

Multi-technology Support

Full network visibility, control and management over multiple access technologies – fixed, wireless, optical and low power IoT networks

Multi-vendor Support

A catalogue of supported vendors avoids vendor lock-in, lowers training costs and enables vendor consolidation and obsolescence.


Rapid Configuration Management

Self-discovery of wired and wireless network infrastructure Automated provisioning of network services (Wi-Fi and LAN)

Simplified Service Control

Reduction in downtime owing to human error. Pre-loaded network configurations.

Simple service-centric management.

NetOS Enterprise™ benefits

The scenario below shows just one way NetOS Enterprise™ could help your business:

How NetOS® helps conference centre staff

The problem

The front-office staff in a major conference centre face major issues daily linked to their IT services.

When new clients make a booking they have a number of options available to them over and above the standard Wi-Fi connection. A multi-national client may want to use the facility for a telepresence conference or provide guest Wi-Fi or demonstrate a bandwidth-hungry application.

The front-office staff manually record the requests and booking and pass that over to IT for implementation usually within 2-3 days.

The process is flawed.  IT sometimes make mistakes.  Sometimes the requirements change and the front-office staff fail to update the request.  Every day there are issues.  The front-office staff face dealing with unhappy customers daily.

The solution:  NetOS Enterprise™

With NetOS® this problem goes away.  The staff that take the booking select the services their client want.  They confirm the time and date and the service is configured every time, without mistakes.

The outcome:

Instead of 2-3 days, requests and changes can be implemented in minutes.  The system is simple and easy to use. Customer satisfaction increases and the front-office staff find work more enjoyable.

IT have fewer requests to handle allowing them to focus on more complex issues.

The client gets the service they ordered 100% rights, every time.


Reduced IT workload  – Improved time-to-cash – Improved customer satisfaction

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