NetOS® Architectural Overview

Our patent-protected software makes the service drive the network, regardless of vendor or technology.

Our unique service-centric approach to intent-based networking uses Service Orchestration, Analytics and Automation for network control and management.


NetOS® is a network control and management software platform that simplifies and automates Network Operations (NetOps) for Enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

Using Software-Defined Network technology NetOS abstracts the ever-increasing complexity of networks by providing a single-pane view and control of multi-device, multi-vendor and multi-technology networks.


Our service-model hides complexity and ensures simplicity.


Our network programmability gives operational control allowing rapid responses.


Our software-defined networking, analytics and orchestration accelerate digital transformation.

NetOS uses network analytics to monitor network performance against service requirements and SLAs.

NetOS Service Orchestration determines intent.  It understands what services need to run in the network and the required configurations.

NetOS SDN control functionality programmes and configures the network to match intent.

NetOS® High Level Architectural Overview

NetOS® – Control Plane

NetOS® Core – service orchestrator with embedded SDN Controller and data collection framework

NetOS® Data – collection and aggregation of data, events and statistics for network performance monitoring


Blue – Zeetta Networks Proprietary Software components

Grey – 3rd Party components

NetOS® – Application Plane

NetOS® Administration GUI – Network deviations

NetOS® NRBT GUI – Network resource booking tool

NetOS® Services GUI – Service creation tool

3rd Party network applications – Non-Zeetta Networks applications