Connectivity and Networks are business critical infrastructure.  NetOS® allows enterprises to adapt to changing business needs without high OPEX and CAPEX.

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The Enterprise Market

NetOS® can help any industry with complex IT and connectivity needs.  Because so many enterprises are reliant on digital infrastructure Zeetta Networks estimate that 90% of the UK’s 8,000 large businesses, with more than 250 employees could benefit from NetOS®.

Within those 8,000 UK businesses some key sectors stand out as most likely to benefit from NetOS® including:

  • Shared offices and workspaces 
  • High technology companies
  • Communication service providers
  • Shopping centres and malls
  • Transportation hubs



How NetOS brings value to the enterprise market

Lack of agile digital infrastructure has a major business impact. The following case studies show how NetOS® creates value.

How NetOS® helps conference centre staff

The problem

The front-office staff in a major conference centre face major issues daily linked to their IT services.

When new clients make a booking they have a number of options available to them over and above the standard Wi-Fi connection. A multi-national client may want to use the facility for a telepresence conference or provide guest Wi-Fi or demonstrate a bandwidth-hungry application.

The front-office staff manually record the requests and booking and pass that over to IT for implementation usually within 2-3 days.

The process is flawed.  IT sometimes make mistakes.  Sometimes the requirements change and the front-office staff fail to update the request.  Every day there are issues.  The front-office staff face dealing with unhappy customers daily.

The solution:  NetOS Enterprise™

With NetOS® this problem goes away.  The staff that take the booking select the services their client want.  They confirm the time and date and the service is configured every time, without mistakes.

The outcome:

Instead of 2-3 days, requests and changes can be implemented in minutes.  The system is simple and easy to use. Customer satisfaction increases and the front-office staff find work more enjoyable.

IT have fewer requests to handle allowing them to focus on more complex issues.

The client gets the service they ordered 100% rights, every time.


Reduced IT workload  – Improved time-to-cash – Improved customer satisfaction