Horizon 2020 REPLICATE project

Zeetta Networks is a leading contributor to the REPLICATE project.

EU-Horizon 2020 Projects

A total of 262 small and medium-sized companies have been selected for funding under the latest round of Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument. The total amount to be distributed to the companies under both phases of the programme is €114 million.

Zeetta Networks is part of three Horizon 2020 projects.

REPLICATE Project Overview

REPLICATE is a  €25m Smart Cities project. The acronym REPLICATE stands for (REnaissance of PLaces with Innovative Citizenship And TEchnologies).

The Project, which has 38 partners, aims to demonstrate Smart City technologies in energy, transport, and ICT addressing urban complexity.

Zeetta Networks’ role in the project

In the REPLICATE project, Zeetta Networks has enabled a new paradigm for IoT deployments leveraging on the network automation provided by NetOS®.

Bristol City Council are deploying NetOS Rapide® to provide integrated connectivity and IoT infrastructure on demand.

NetOS® provisions IoT devices in the IoT platform automatically, based on a set of rules, when they are connected to the network.

The time-to-operation of the IoT system and CAPEX required to deploy it are dramatically reduced.

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