Bristol-is-Open Smart City Network

Zeetta Networks used NetOS® for network control and management of BiO’s multi-technology packet, optical, Wi-Fi and IoT smart city network.


Bristol-is-Open Smart City Network

Bristol-is-Open is a leading project for smart city experimentation in technology and citizen engagement.  The project is jointly backed by Bristol City Council and the University of Bristol.

Bristol was recognised as the UK’s leading smart city based on the UK Smart Cities index 2017.

In 2018 Bristol-is-Open was recognised with the Glomo Smart Cities Award.

Bristol-is-Open is part of the EU funded Horizon 2020 project 5G-REPLICATE.

Zeetta Networks has worked closely with Bristol-is-Open using NetOS to manage its smart city network infrastructure.



Managing Smart City Networks

Bristol-is-Open needed a network control and management platform that allowed simplified network operations and programmability to enable smart city experimentation.

NetOS® had to support multiple technologies including optical and packet switches, Wi-Fi and a city-wide IoT network.

Flexibility was key for Bristol-is-Open, the ability to set-up and tear-down experiments required the rapid reconfiguration capabilities of  NetOS®.