Zeetta Networks is a leading contributor to the 5G-PICTURE project.

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EU-Horizon 2020 Projects

A total of 262 small and medium-sized companies have been selected for funding under the latest round of Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument. The total amount to be distributed to the companies under both phases of the programme is €114 million.

Zeetta Networks is part of three Horizon 2020 projects.

5G-PICTURE Project Overview

5G-PICTURE is an EU project worth €8m to advance new generations of 5G wireless infrastructure supporting new business and service models addressing vertical markets.

The project is a collaboration between leading tech and telecoms firms, such as Huawei and Telecoms Italia, and prominent research institutions in Europe such as Universities of Bristol and Dresden.

Zeetta Networks’ role in the project

5G-PICTURE project investigates compute and network infrastructure programmability with the target of creating demonstrations across the Rail, Events, Venue and Smart City verticals.

Zeetta Networks is leading the 5G Operating System work package, providing thought leadership in overall system architecture and expertise in network slicing for multi-domain orchestration.

As part of the project the company is  developing and showcasing network slicing technology at the Ashton Gate Stadium, in March 2020, as part of the large-scale Event/Venue vertical.

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