Zeetta's technology enables world-first 5G live arts

by Paul Cooper |



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This article first appeared at the Business Leader on March 9, 2018


Zeetta Networks is delivering the foundational technology to enable Layered Realities Weekend to take place, a fully immersive series of events to exhibit the increasing applications of 5G technology.

This world-first public display of this technology will be built upon Zeetta Networks’ NetOS® platform, giving each demonstration its own network slice to link to the smart city network.

Vassilis Seferidis, CEO of Zeetta Networks, said: “It can be difficult to imagine the consequences of 5G, so we cannot wait to reveal to the world just what would be possible for art, theatre, science, and more at Layered Realities weekend.

“Our partnership with the University of Bristol and Watershed is just one of the practical applications of our network slicing capabilities, giving each event their own network slice to maximise efficiency and control – and the attendees’ enjoyment.”

The variety of events over the Layered Realities Weekend will bring to life the varied applications that 5G technology allows including 3D projections; virtual reality (VR) dance; augmented reality (AR) historical tours; and expert talks on privacy and inequality, the impact of 5G on the music industry, and how the technology will deliver physical, mental, and emotional impact for users.

Professor Dimitra Simeonidou, from the University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab, said: “Bristol is a leading technical hub for 5G, and we are pleased to partner with another home grown technology scale-up such as Zeetta Networks to keep the Bristolian flavour in the project.

“Their cutting edge understanding of 5G capabilities within smart cities, thanks to their partnership with Bristol is Open, make Zeetta Networks a natural collaborator for Layered Realities Weekend, giving us the chance to demonstrate the opportunities for 5G to contribute to creative industries such as theatre and tourism, but also manufacturing and industrial applications.”