Zeetta signs distribution agreement with STORDIS

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ZEETTA NETWORKS signed partnership agreement with STORDIS to distribute Zeetta’s innovative NetOS network management and 5G solutions worldwide

  • Open Networking Expert STORDIS will partner with Zeetta Networks to deliver Zeetta Enterprise Network Management Software
  • Zeetta Enterprise, powered by Zeetta NetOS, simplifies the operation of complex multi-vendor, multi-technology networks
  • Zeetta simplifies the deployment and management of 5G technology making Private Cellular Networks accessible for the Enterprise and Local Government


Bristol, England 29 May 2020 Zeetta Networks Ltd, Innovator of network monitoring, control, and management systems, is partnering with STORDIS to build customer-centric solutions and distribute their software worldwide.

STORDIS, with headquarters in the United Kingdom and Germany, is a leader in the distribution and integration of Open Networking hardware, operating systems and application software.

The partnership will synergize Zeetta Networks’ innovative software technologies with STORDIS’ extensive experience in integrating open networking systems.

STORDIS will be distributing Zeetta Enterprise ‘Powered by Zeetta NetOS’ platform which ‘Visualise, Optimise and Automate’ complex networks, simplifying operations and making new technologies such as 5G Private Cellular Networks, with all their advantages of high bandwidth, availability, security and mobility accessible to the smaller enterprise.  Already proven as a control and management platform, Zeetta Enterprise and Zeetta Rapide enable efficient and effective management of multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-site and temporary networks.


Andrew Heal, Director of Technology at STORDIS, said:

“We are delighted to be entering into this partnership with Zeetta Networks. With our background in hardware, Zeetta Networks was the right choice to marry together hardware and software. We selected them as a partner because they have proven their Enterprise software to be a valuable asset to global businesses by providing the security, scalability, and simplicity of deployment needed for a worldwide network.”


Vassilis Seferidis, CEO of Zeetta Networks, commented:

“Zeetta works at the cutting-edge of networking technologies and has found a culturally compatible Open Networking partner in STORDIS. Zeetta is leading the government’s 5G Encode project; we have a strong track record in providing simple solutions to complex networking issues for our clients and are already working with STORDIS on deploying Zeetta Enterprise Private Cellular Network solution into enterprise customers. STORDIS’ worldwide reputation and diverse customer and reseller base will now enable businesses to access Zeetta Networks’ innovative and cost-effective network technologies.”


Alexander Jefferies, CEO of STORDIS, said:

“STORDIS are very excited to partner with Zeetta Networks on this new and emerging technology.  We believe that through this partnership we can maximise our experience in Open Networking and Programmable Network technology adding the expertise of Enterprise Private Cellular Networks from Zeetta to deliver solutions of superior quality and scalability for Private Communication Networks.”


Zeetta Networks and STORDIS are set to embark on a valuable partnership in the open networking industry.




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About Zeetta Networks


Zeetta Networks is a leader in the development of programmable, open ICT network infrastructures, made possible by the network slicing and network splicing® capabilities of NetOS®. With NetOS® at the heart of their network, an operator or enterprise can monitor and automate the management of their infrastructure and the services they offer their users from a single console, in real time and on demand.



The network splicing® capability of NetOS® enables a wide range of network technologies to be integrated within a single network topology, including optical, packet, Wi-Fi and even low power IoT radio protocols.



NetOS® is designed to be vendor-agnostic, allowing it to interact with, and control, network devices from a multitude of different suppliers – preventing network owners from being tied to a particular manufacturer’s equipment.



Zeetta Networks is currently leading the government’s £9,000,000 5G-ENCODE project, which involves a consortium of 11 companies from around the world including Telefonica, Siemens, Toshiba, Solvay, and Baker Hughes.  The two-year project aims to probe the use of Private Cellular Networks in industry, and test the use of 5G to improve productivity of design and manufacture: interactive augmented reality; asset tracking across multiple sites and locations; and industrial system management.


To learn more about Zeetta Networks technology and the 5G-ENCODE project visit  https://zeetta.com/




Founded in 2007, STORDIS plays an integral part in the Open Networking Revolution and continues to build a substantial network of reliable partners, including hardware manufacturers, service providers and global technology leaders.

STORDIS are constantly developing to meet the requirements of modern technology and establish their status as ‘The Open Networking Expert’. STORDIS specialise in the development of networks and security solutions, consultancy, system integration and professional support for enterprises of any size with the ambition to drive innovation and continued success of Open Networking.

STORDIS offers deep insights into the use of disaggregated hardware and software options. Furthermore, STORDIS professionally promotes resellers distributing Open Networking products.

To learn more about STORDIS as an Open Networking Expert and Solutions Provider, visit: http://stordis.com/