Saving the day at IBC

by Paul Cooper |



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Zeetta Networks save the day at IBC2019

18 October 2019: Last month we attended the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam as part of the new IBC Media Telecoms Catalyst programme. The 3 “Media” Catalysts offered a live demonstration of cutting edge technologies. Zeetta Networks and partners were demonstrating “5G-Enabled Smart Tourism” alongside “AI indexing for regulatory practice” by Aljazeera, Associated Press, and RTE, and “Mobile newsgathering using AI” by Aljazeera, BT, RTE and Associated Press.

As in many conference spaces, the event Wi-Fi was shocking due to the huge numbers of users, high numbers of devices, and the large numbers of technology demonstrations being run. However, all 3 of the catalysts needed high-quality, reliable Wi-Fi to support their demonstrations. Sadly, in Hall 9, the event Wi-Fi was simply not available.

Fortunately, Zeetta Networks were using NetOS Rapide to support the Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) needs for our catalyst. In less than 5 minutes, Frankie Foston, one of our solution architects, set up NetOS Rapide™ – a deployable enterprise network to provide a protected, prioritised and partitioned Wi-Fi Network that allowed the entire consortia to demonstrate their solutions by creating stable and reliable wireless SSID.

Industry experts travel from around the world to attend IBC, and it would have been intensely frustrating for them not to see the latest in cutting edge networking technology. Without NetOS Rapide the impact of the catalysts would have been significantly reduced.

NetOS Rapide™ ensured a high-quality network for the full five days of the event. Our fast and effective solution was granted praise from the other catalysts who commented on how Zeetta Networks “saved them” by providing a reliable network.

Event Wi-Fi is a problem of the past. NetOS Rapide™ is an intelligent and quick way of slicing the available network and resources to prioritise the most important aspects.


About Zeetta Networks

Zeetta Networks enables smarter networks. The company leads the development of open, programmable networks based on an advanced, patent-protected software controller called NetOS® that provides full network visibility, control and management through a single-pane-of-glass.

NetOS® enables network splicing® of any combination of network technologies (Fixed, Wireless and low-power IoT) to create a single virtualised network topology that can be then sliced into network slices (sub-networks) on-demand to meet specific user or application requirements. The ability to dynamically slice and splice the network resources across wireless and fixed technologies is protected by the company’s patents.

Zeetta Networks commercially deployed NetOS® in several enterprise projects across Europe and successfully demonstrated 5G Network Slicing in early 5G testbeds like the 5G Smart Tourism and 5G Rural First projects. NetOS® allows enterprises and service providers to control their fixed and wireless networks seamlessly, driving operational efficiencies and creating new monetisation opportunities. With the additional of NetOS Rapide, Zeetta Networks has extended its NetOS® product portfolio to support the creation and control of ad-hoc or “pop-up” networks.