Zeetta recognised as innovator in private cellular

by Paul Cooper |




Zeetta Networks in recognised as a leading innovator in the fast growing segment of private cellular networking in an article by leading analysts STL Partners.


According to the authors:

“The interest in private LTE and 5G networks has skyrocketed. Enterprises who have historically relied upon WiFi connections or public cellular spectrum can now take full control over their systems and optimise their network. With more and more industries looking at the potential value of private cellular, we highlight some of innovative companies set to disrupt the dominance of the traditional players within the ecosystem.


The segment for Zeetta Networks reads:

Zeetta Networks 

Zeetta Networks is a spin-out company from the University of Bristol and provides innovative capabilities around the slicing and splicing of enterprise networks. It champions a “service-centric” approach to networks which prioritises the orchestration of enterprises’ various network components in order to provide a single pane of class view of the entire network in a multi-domain environment. Orchestrating the seamless cooperation between mixed LAN, wireless LAN and cellular LTE, Zeetta’s solution allows enterprises to take control over their network through its Visualise tool. This tool is designed to protect enterprises from vendor lock-in whilst allowing them to greatly improve the efficiency of their networks through root cause analysis and usage monitoring. 

Zeetta’s other headline products, Optimise and Automate, complete its set of tools liberating enterprises from the limitations of fragmented networks and interfaces. At the National Composites Centre, these tools have been deployed to deliver Industry 4.0 features through 5G network slicing and neutral hosting. Part of the 5G-ENCODE Project, Zeetta has created a dynamic network which can be reconfigured for the specific enterprise’s use. It has successfully showcased 5G’s ability to support AR/VR for industry, asset tracking of time sensitive materials and automated industrial control though IoT monitoring and big data analytics. 

We recently spoke to Vassilis Seferidis, CEO and Co-Founder of Zeetta Networks, see here for the full Q&A. 


The full article can be found here.